Four Principles for Building a Good Online Reputation

This is by no means a comprehensive treatment of how to protect your online reputation. But it is one of many articles we will post that are designed to make you aware of this challenge and how to overcome it.
PARKVILLE, Md. - April 28, 2014 - PRLog -- Every thought you share via a blog post, twitter, YouTube video or Facebook has the potential to reveal a secret or private part of yourself that might not help your overall game plan of life.

That is sobering news,  and even though you might be racking your brain to try and remember what you posted online and how it might just be misunderstood or hurt  you, the good news is that you do have the power to influence your own online reputation, although not totally.

The bad news is that such online rep management takes a lot of hard work, persistence that starts with keeping a close eye on your online branding. It also takes a plethora of positive content to bury the negatives about you or your company that might come up in an ordinary Google search.

Keeping a Close Eye on Your Online Persona

Making sure your online reputation isn’t being dragged down is a simple and disciplined matter of keeping a close eye of all that being said about your or your company online.

How do you do this? Well, it’s elementary Watson, you start by plugging your name, company’s name, product brand or your address in the Google search engine and see what kind and where information about you shows up.

And while Google’s a good place to start. You also need to search the popular social networks, such a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Publisher of One's article, "Four Essential Steps to Building a Good Online Reputation," explains in depth how you and your company can build and maintain a good online reputation.

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