Wilmington NC Real Estate: What Do Buyers Really Care About Most?

What do today's home buyers really care about the most? Find out what buyers look for most when shopping for Wilmington NC real estate.
WILMINGTON, N.C. - April 28, 2014 - PRLog -- Wilmington NC Real Estate: What Do Buyers Really Care About Most?

Despite recent surges in the Wilmington NC real estate market, home sellers are still finding it difficult to sell their properties. Still, this doesn't sway owners from listing their homes. But what may concern these sellers is that as more and more homes become available on the market, making one's home stand out to buyers will be even more important than ever.

If you are thinking about selling your home, knowing what home buyers really care about most will help you make the changes you need to before listing your home. According to a recent poll by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), here are the top ten things home buyers want most.

#1 – Energy Star Appliances: Surprising as it may be, Energy Star appliances take first place on home buyers' most wanted list. According to the NAHB, 94% of home buyers want their new homes to be equipped with energy-saving appliances. In fact, Energy Star-rated appliances are considered essential by 36% of all home buyers while 58% deem them desirable.

#2 – A Laundry Room: 93% of all home buyers want their new homes to have dedicated laundry rooms. 57% consider it an essential feature while 36% will still consider homes without such a convenience.

#3 – Energy Star Rating for the Entire House: Utility costs are always a concern for new homeowners. This is why it is important to 91% of home buyers for the entire house to be Energy Star-rated. This means the home needs to have Energy Star-rated windows, doors, appliances, and insulation.

#4 – Bathroom Exhaust Fans: Having exhaust fans in each bathroom is essential for keeping the home free from moisture build-up. And, while 90% of all buyers want this feature, this is a make-or-break selling point to 53% of all new home buyers.

#5 – Exterior Lighting: Exterior lights offer improved safety and security, and this makes them wanted by 90% of all home buyers. Meanwhile, 41% of buyers will walk away from the table if the home they are interested in does not have outside lighting.

#6 – Bathroom Linen Closet: A bathroom linen closet is a convenience that not all homes offer, but if you put one in, you will be making your home more attractive to 90% of all home buyers, 39% of whom consider this a must-have feature.

#7 – Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans offer a money-saving alternative to central air conditioning. If your home already has them installed, then it will automatically be more appealing to 88% of all home buyers. For nearly half of all buyers, ceiling fans are an essential asset.

#8 – Garage Storage: Today, the garage is more likely to be used as secondary source of storage than for housing the family car. If your home already has garage storage, it will appeal to 86% of home buyers.

#9 – Space for an Eat-In Kitchen Table: Today's families are always on the go, so it is not always easy to get everyone together at the same time for breakfast and dinner. Therefore, having space available for an eat-in kitchen table is something that appeals to 85% of all home buyers.

#10 – Walk-In Kitchen Pantry: Home buyers love homes that feature a lot of storage, especially in the kitchen area. If your home has a walk-in pantry in the kitchen, then 85% of buyers will keep your listing on their list of viable contenders.

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