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April 27, 2014 - PRLog -- April 26, 2014 - just added a new blog post page dedicated to

Buy Here Pay Here Semi Trucks Customers.  The page is located at

There are many Buy Here Pay Here financing dealers helping car buyers and some of them offer similar financing to semi truck buyers. However, a few locations are dedicated to only semi trucks. Although car dealers can advertise that they approve everyone with income for financing regardless of credit scores, the Buy Here Pay Here Semi Trucks dealers can not really do the same. Remember that most semi-trucks are more expensive than the average cars.  This makes it harder to approve everyone for financing as not everyone’s income is fit for making the payments needed for the trucks.

Buy here pay here financing allows dealerships to offer financing on their vehicles directly to the car buyers.  By eliminating the third-party lenders, dealers can make their own judgements on what each customer is able to pay back.  They make their judgement mainly based on the income proven.  So if customers can prove that they work or that they have any other acceptable income with their name, then they can get a loan amount that is proportional to their income.  Dealers usually use 10% as the expected portion that customers can pay monthly on their vehicle out of their income.  In other words, customers should not expect to have $2000 income and ask for a car that need $1000 a month, because they would only be allowed vehicles that can have about $200 monthly payment instead.

When it comes to down payments, they are variable based on many things. First, there is the actual cost of the vehicles to consider. Without asking for credit scores, the dealers are risking a lot by giving away their vehicles.  This is why they need to see that the buyers  have saved a good down payment and are taking the sale seriously and understand that it is a big investment. Second is the incentive programs that each dealership is running at that time of year.  While a few dealers advertise zero-down incentives, customers are reminded that zero-down offers do not mean that customers need not to prepare any money!  This is because many state laws require the total taxes to be paid upfront as well as the needed registration costs for the vehicles.  Third is the amount of income that customers can prove with supporting documents. If customers have great incomes, then they are more likely to be able to pay back on their loan. This makes the dealers given in more trust and lower the needed down payment amount.

Dealers that offer Buy Here Pay Here Semi Trucks may also offer lease options. The lease purchase, or lease with the option to own at the end of the lease, agreement works well for many people.  Although customers still have to put a large down payment, this way the payments are kept low because it is a lease agreement.  At the end of the lease period, the total amount paid thus far would be deducted from the total price of the vehicles and the customers have the option to pay the rest and own the vehicles or give back the vehicles and everyone goes their separate ways.

With Buy Here Pay Here Semi Trucks or any Buy Here Pay Here financing in general, customers do not choose the vehicles first and then see if they are approved or rejected like at other, traditional, dealers.  Instead, it is the other way around to eliminate wasted time on vehicles that customers are not fit to buy in the long run. The way its done is to have customers first to bring in their proof of income, proof of address, ID and their estimated saved down payment.  A loan amount is then determined and based on that number, a selection of vehicles are open to choose from.  Customers are encouraged to apply online beforehand.  This saves time and energy.  From the comfort of their homes, customers can fill in a form and have dealers contact them back with their pre-approved loans ahead of their actual visit to any lot.

So to check out their website dedicated to  Buy Here Pay Here Semi Trucks Customers

at or feel free to check the site at for more information.

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