Writers Love New Weekly Online Romance Fiction Writing Class in Digital Magazine Format

When Angela Booth launched her new digital magazine for writers, Kindle Romance Writer Weekly, she didn't expect the overwhelming response. Writers are intrigued by writing for Amazon's Kindle platform, because they can sell directly to readers.
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Kindle Romance Writer Weekly: 26 weeks
Kindle Romance Writer Weekly: 26 weeks
GORDON, Australia - April 25, 2014 - PRLog -- Angela Booth started her writing career as a romance novelist, and loves writing fiction. However, although she started developing writing classes 20 years ago, she didn't create fiction writing classes.

Fiction wasn't a money-making  option for commercial writers until Amazon launched its Kindle. Then it became possible for writers to sell short stories, novellas and novels directly to readers: they could bypass all the gatekeepers of traditional publishing.

Amazon not only made self-publishing easy, the company also made it a profitable  for authors.

Angela decided to create Kindle Romance Writer Weekly because learning to write fiction takes time. Angela's subscribers are either new writers, or professional writers making the move to fiction.

"From the responses of my personal coaching students," Angela said, "I knew that there's a lot to assimilate for anyone who's self-publishing. With traditional publishing, authors get guidance. Self-publishing authors are alone. They need help."

One of her students said: "Angela's brand of step by step guidance, with practical advice, is inspiring. I took her Kindle Romances class at http://www.fabfreelancewriting.com/blog/fiction-pays/kind... which includes a subscription to Kindle Romance Writer Weekly. Five weeks later I've self-published three short erotic romance stories, and I've made my first sales. I'm looking forward to a brand new career."

Kindle Romance Writer Weekly provides 26 weeks of fiction writing classes, self-publishing help, and mentoring. The magazine focuses on helping authors to not only publish great, salable fiction, but also on building a following of readers. Angela says: "My fondest wish is that Kindle Romance Writer Weekly gives authors the knowledge and confidence they need to write bestsellers."

About Angela Booth and Romance Writer Weekly

Learn more about Kindle Romance Writer Weekly at http://www.fabfreelancewriting.com/blog/fiction-pays/kind...

Angela Booth is a copywriter, author, and writing teacher. She offers many guides, courses and classes to help writers to enhance their skills, and provides inspiration and motivation for writers on her writing blogs.

Angela’s Fab Freelance Writing Blog at http://www.fabfreelancewriting.com/blog/ has helped thousands of writers begin profitable careers since it launched in 2006.

Her Just Write a Book Blog at http://www.justwriteabook.com/blog/ helps authors to write, publish, and get readers.


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