Peonies—How to Make These Stunning Blossoms Open and Last

Tips on the proper care for these feminine and fragrant cut flowers .
PORTLAND, Ore. - April 28, 2014 - PRLog -- Flower lovers everywhere are jumping for joy; Peony season is here! These fragrant blossoms add a feminine touch and instant beauty to any floral design. The experts at the Floral Design Institute offer some helpful hints in caring for your fabulous cut peony blooms.

There is a myth that states mischief causing nymphs live deep inside the ruffled petals of the peony flower. This is why peonies mean bashfulness. They also embody love and romance making them a trendy wedding flower for vintage or garden inspired weddings. They are available from April through Early Summer, and are available in coral, cream, deep red, pink, white, black, and yellow; so many wonderful colors to choose from for the perfect floral design.

When purchasing Peonies there are a few important things to look for: Be sure foliage is a vibrant green; there should be no yellowing or brown discoloration through the leaves. Avoid purchasing fully opened blooms, as they will not last as long. Look for tightly closed buds resembling a ping pong ball. The calyx or outer green protective structure should still be enclosing the delicate petals within. Buying peonies in bud form will ensure maximum life from the flowers.

Once your fabulous peonies are home, you want to condition and rehydrate them. To do this, fill a vase with tepid water and add floral food. Remove any damaged leaves and then remove one to two inches from the bottom of the stem with a clean and angled cut. This will ensure the flowers are able to drink and rehydrate. Allow peonies a couple of hours to drink then arrange the flowers into a beautiful floral design. The buds should open into full blooms within 5 days, but this may vary upon variety, humidity, and temperature.

Peonies produce nectar on the outer bud that can attract ants, if any of your buds are slightly sticky you can gently submerge the bud under cool water to remove the sap. This will prevent any attraction ants may have to the flower; it will also wash out any that have already found the nectar.

With these simple and easy tips your peonies will be enjoyed to their maximum. You are all set to create a beautiful floral arrangement with these stunning flowers. For more peony design inspiration check out this video:

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