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Meditation Elixirs from Energy Tools International are infused with subtle energy (Vital Force Technology) to help heal stagnant energy, clear blockages, or assist in awakenings, activations, emotional and spiritual healings.
Deep Insight
Deep Insight
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MEDFORD, Ore. - April 24, 2014 - PRLog -- Mind-body practices, like yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises, are very effective tools to help with personal transformations. Many forms of yoga include physical postures, meditation, and breathing exercises as an integral part of the yoga practice. When a yoga practitioner learns to connect the mind and body, the effects and benefits of their practice begin to improve and become a catalyst for change. Yoga teaches us to be present, paying attention to how we are feeling during each pose – physically, mentally, and sometimes even emotionally. The more we're able to ‘tune out’ distractions, the more we are able to ‘tune in’ to our present state of being.

Every meditation is different, depending on what our energetic field tells us about what we need. The goal of meditation is to focus and quiet our mind, eventually reaching a higher level of awareness and inner calm.  Sometimes, we need help to create that sense of tranquility and peace, to heal stagnant energy, clear blockages, or assist in awakenings, activations, emotional and spiritual healings.  Other times we want to achieve the inner alignment essential for clarifying, and focusing our intentions, and bringing our energetic field into harmony.

Meditation Elixirs by Energy Tools International contain energized ingredients known as Vital Force Technology.  Each “ingredient” contains powerful activations and healing intentions.  Here are some elixirs to assist in achieving your meditation goals:

Cosmic Eye is a sophisticated elixir formula created for meditators. It contains a combination of energies derived from a number of exceptional gems and minerals, as well as a special meditation energy created specifically for this elixir. Cosmic Eye combines the grounding, protective, and stabilizing influence of Obsidian with the highly spiritual qualities of Blue Jasper, sometimes called the “Stone for Global Awareness”.  The Herkimer Diamond energy enlivens and stimulates psychic abilities and attunement to the highest spiritual level, clearing the chakras and opening channels for spiritual energy to flow, stimulating inner development.  The Green Fluorite energy in this formula works to clean the aura and the chakras and the Phenacite stimulates the Third Eye and activates the Crown Chakra. Many users feel this energy in the Third Eye right away. For the serious meditator, this remarkable combination of energies provides an illuminating but stable foundation to work from. For the adventurous, the Cosmic Eye Elixir can be helpful in stimulating “out of body” experiences.

Deep Insight is a highly complex elixir, combining the energy patterns of several monatomic elements, powerful gemstones, and the energy of the color ranges of indigo, violet and magenta. The Deep Insight elixir is further enhanced with a special meditation energy created specifically for this elixir. The main goal of this elixir is to enhance one’s ability to have insights on any question or matter of concern. Deep Insight resonates with the Crown Chakra, opening it to receive higher guidance, as well as bringing insight into the cause and source of problems and supporting the releasing and healing process. It can stimulate improvement in interpreting inner experiences and increase the efficiency of information reception, while helping to facilitate psychic awareness and intuitive development. The energies of the colors violet, indigo and magenta stimulate the brain to facilitate the meditation process.  This powerful combination of energies provides a unique tool for meditators wishing to explore inner dimensions. Keep in mind that insights can come at any time of the day or night – be tuned in.

Success and Achievement supports the development of the inner energetic structures necessary for achieving success and manifesting your most cherished goals. With the help of master healers and special universal channels we have developed a powerful tool for enhancing your ability to manifest intent. It is well known that focused intent is a powerful tool in realizing life objectives. The crystal’s powerful energy responds to your “intent” and works to restructure your energy system to align with your conscious goals. Achieving goals requires a level of harmony and integrity between your conscious and subconscious mind and your subtle bodies. The Success and Achievement Elixir helps you to achieve the inner alignment essential for clarifying, and focusing your intentions, and bringing your energetic field into harmony with the Universe. The Success and Achievement Elixir works especially well if used along with a meditation practice using the Cosmic Eye or Deep Insight Elixirs.

The Zen formula helps to create the “Zen” state of mind, to stop the internal chatter and to achieve a deep meditative state while cleaning and protecting the body from negative external energetic influences.  The Zen formula contains powerful energies that help create emotional balance, dispel stress and clear the way for maintaining a calm, positive meditation environment. The energy imprints of several powerful crystals stimulate a resonance with the creative balance of nature, creating a sense of renewal, abundance and growth. Other energies provide protection from external influences acting like a virtual shield to keep you in a state of harmonious balance and tranquility.

Alchemy of Transformation is contains the energy patterns of 20 crystals, among them some rare samples from Tibet as well as crystals shaped in sacred geometric forms. This formula is for the neutralization of psychological traumas that interfere with spiritual growth and harmonization of the interactions between the body, mind and soul. It encourages the saturation of all cells in the body with positive energy for harmonious and joyful functioning; stimulation of “self-sufficiency”, the spiritual perception of reality, and the desire to be a “co-creator” of positive changes. Alchemy of Transformation promotes protection from all kinds of negative programming of the mind and psyche.

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