Zahroof Valves Inc. Announces Move to Larger Facility

Reciprocating compressor valve company moves to larger facility, increasing capacity for valve assembly, research and development, valve testing, and valve quality assurance.
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Zahroof Valves Inc.
Zahroof Valves Inc.
HOUSTON - April 22, 2014 - PRLog -- Manufacturer and engineers of the proprietary patented reciprocating compressor valve straightflo™ Valve (SF) at Zahroof Valves Inc. announce they have acted to better service customers by moving to a new, larger location in the Greater Houston Area. The increased additional square footage will allow them to deliver improved compressor valve product turnaround time, optimize testing and R&D capabilities, and add employees to their staff.

Supporting the success of Zahroof’s new patented valve technology include the planned addition of new staff in their QA/QC, Engineering, Marketing, and Sales departments and growth is continuing as they are steadily increasing the size of this reciprocating gas compressor valve company.

Zahroof Mohamed, President & CEO of Zahroof Valves Inc. stated, “With the latest EPA regulations associated with valve efficiency standards enforcement, we are confident the demand for our patented SF Valve (straightflo™), proven to deliver a 20% improvement in valve efficiency, will continue. We moved into the new space to ensure our staff, facilities, and technologies support the supply needs.”

Compressor Valve Company History | Zahroof Valves Inc.

Founded by Zahroof Mohamed, Zahroof Valves, Inc. (ZVI) was established to meet the growing needs for advanced industrial technologies. Zahroof’s current flagship product, the proprietary SF valve technology, is a patented design the company is able to stand behind with a money back guarantee of a minimum 5% power savings, and 25% improvement in service intervals, including a one-year limited warranty on the seat and carrier.

CEO Zahroof Mohamed has an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University, a Diploma in International Management from IFL (Swedish Management Institute), is a Six Sigma Green Belt and is the inventor of the SF valve technology. Mohamed’s experience in the industrial marketplace includes the process of bringing a number of industrial products from concept to market and has enjoyed many prestigious and innovative roles during the last 20 plus years.

Previously Zahroof Mohamed served as the Chief Engineer for Samsung Techwin, where he established the local Houston and Worldwide centers for Turbomachinery Design and managed engineering development primarily in the U.S. and in South Korea. He also served as a leader in the development of several successful industrial compressor designs with companies such as Atlas Copco, York International, and Cameron Compression Systems.

Establishing Zahroof Valves Inc. was a natural step forward for inventor Zahroof Mohamed after inventing the new efficient valve technology much needed in today’s industrial marketplace.

Zahroof Performance Valve | Sustainable Efficient Design

The SF Valve has a straight through flow path reducing compressor power and/or increasing throughput.  The design makes the valve self-cleaning and more tolerant to liquids and solids in the flow stream than other compressor valve designs.

There are many ways in which the SF Valve is a grade above other compressor valve technologies. ZVI Client Companies have discovered significant reductions in long-term costs associated with otherwise necessary compressor valve part replacements, associated man-hours due to service interval reduction and installation ease, as well as inventory reductions, performance increases and power savings.

The valve utilizes standard modules that contain all the wear and tear within the module. The seat and carrier (guard) never need to be machined or replaced. The valve can be serviced in minutes, right in the field, without the need for special tooling.

Zahroof Valves Inc.’s recent Houston, Texas facility size increase is immediately proving to ensure the Company continues to successfully meet the ever-growing need for expansion due to increased demand.

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