Controversial “Contract for Home Services” Goes on Sale! (Home Improvement)

[The “Contact for Home Services”available from online has been free of charge since it was first released in 2011. However, as of May 1, 2014, is goes on sale online for consumers all over the United States ] 978-1-5675-8899-7
Contract for Home Services Live!
Contract for Home Services Live!
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BURIEN, Wash. - April 20, 2014 - PRLog -- Retrospect

The “Contract for Home Services” was introduced online to the American public in November 2011 as an aid to homeowners and homerenters for making better, safer, and more productive decisions relative to selecting and hiring contractors for their home projects. This occurred after a very frustrating search under the auspices of HGRBS for a contract format offered online which was practical enough to recommend to household heads to assist them with respect to the aforementioned home projects. However, after a very tiresome and disappointing search of such a contract online to share with others, free of charge, it was decided that if the private home sector didn’t have something a lot more representative of other  of their major residential concerns, largely unspoken or neglected, its people would continue cutting deals in such ways as to keep them vulnerable and very much bound to practices which have been considered more than 200 years old (the exception being token developments in this arena since the late 1960’s).

Verdict: Guilty!

There was a notable absence of any known contract dubbed “home improvement” which truly represented the heart and soul of the average resident in the realm of private homes in the U.S. Nevertheless, this is what was sought.  Of course, there were contracts prominent with offering prescribed advances, bond-related penalties for contractors who faltered on projects, prerequisites for lien waivers, and irrevocable penalties against homeowners for cancelling a contract after 3 business days.  Yet there were a number of issues still unaddressed.  By hearsay, of course, there was a time in the history of America where people were generally a lot more honest.  To extend that farther, previous to the late 1960’s, many of the deals made between household heads and contractors were with  sincere and truly honest handshakes  which evidently stem as far back as colonial times in the States).

Times have most definitely changed necessitating as complete change in a popular contractor-resident tradition traceable to what can fairly be identified as the “Dark Ages” of American history.

Overall Inadequacy of H.I. Contracts Prior to 2011

In spite of the fact that there having been positive developments in recent times towards safeguarding of the rights and privileges of homeowner(especially during the past 20 years or so), notwithstanding the right to cancel a home project within 3 business days, yet being penalized for cancelling the contract afterward, the contract forms were noticeably distant from other major project concerns of residents.

Such concerns, as were ignored in association with contractors included but were not limited to:

1.       Protecting residents from liabilities for …….

·         Unauthorized expenses

·         Injuries, incapacitations, and/or deaths of uninsured, underinsured, or otherwise illegal laborers and subcontractors

2.       Ensuring, in writing, that contractors conduct themselves within the project expectations of residents which include but are not limited to……

·         Sobriety

·         No Smoking (anything)

·         Reasonable property tidiness on a daily basis and at the end of each project

·         Avoidance of making unauthorized purchases or service solicitations

·         Proactively researching and reporting to residents any permit requirements prior to commencing any projects for them

·         Better emphasis on beginning and completing projects on schedule

·         Using the requisition systems offered by residents for goods, services, etc

·         Agreeing to honor four types of home maintenance and improvement warranty needs for facilitating the comforts and conveniences of residents

·         Meeting other residential expectations


Essentially, the totality of the “Contract for Home Services” bucks very formidably against long-standing moors in this regard.  No doubt, this is not a document to which the realm of residential contracting can readily adopt. Nonetheless, its contents are easily acceptable to residents since, finally, there’s a contract format which clearly vocalizes and represents the depths of their concerns in this tricky domain of home projects. The “Contract for Home Services” is perceived as really representing sentiments which have always been part of the home maintenance and improvement experience, yet until now, were scarcely so eloquently conveyed in writing since the founding of this nation.

From Complimentary to Sales Item

Since its original release in November 2011, the “Contract for Home Services” was offered free of charge to anyone interested in having his/her own copy. At the time, the sense was for just sharing the futuristic document without charge.  It was made available in very much the same way a Bible

or other free literature which would be appreciated by a lot of people who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

However, the “Contract for Home Services” has been recently appraised as an item which should be on the market to the benefit of facilitating the 2014 community work of HGRBS.

The “Contract for Home Services” (the actual document) is slated to go on sale for the first time and to be available online: May 1, 2014. Its affordable online retail value will be as low as $3.99 USD.

Those interested in obtaining their own copy of the “Contract for Home Services” before it goes on sale can go to their browsers for:

“Contract for Homes Services – HGRBS”

* Proceeds from this work are also used towards the vital community work of HGRBS

Source:HGRBS/American Home Improvement Zone
Location:Burien - Washington - United States
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