Residential water system have the potential to change the water markets in countries and convergence

The domestic water treatment market is growing at 6% per annum in average from 2013 to 2025. The total market volume in 2013 is more then 20 bn US $ , show a new study. After increasing disinfection and scarcy problems we expect this market with higher growth rates the next years through urbanisation, convergence of water and energy, new technologies and processes. 2014 new study from helmut kaiser consultancy: Residential water markets worldwide by
STUTTGART, Germany - April 16, 2014 - PRLog -- Optimization and inovation for water and waste water in residential water systems drive the market Developments,
profitable and high growth rate to 2025. From 300 liter per day in USA  to 130 liter in Germany the demand is very different.
Insufficient Drinking Water Supply Lead To High Growth In Residential Water Systems Worldwide.
Residential water system have the potential to change the water markets in countries and convergence
with energy savings and resource efficiency on the way to green buildings with total concepts.

The market growth comes mainly from three sources. At first, the awareness of the importance of clean water and the increasing concern about water-related health problems promote the sales of home water filtration systems; secondly the economic growth in China, India, other Asian countries and East Europe opens an immense market, where the drinking water supply is insufficient and tens of millions of people are willing to invest for their health and wellness; last but not the least, the technical innovations create more possibility of treating water and reduce meanwhile the costs and prices.

Among the technologies, ultraviolet treatment and reverse osmosis/ultrafiltration are the most promising domestic water treatment technologies in the future. As the price for ultrafine membrane is sinking, the conventional carbon filter and single-function water softeners are to be replaced by the new systems which clean more impurities and are more secure.

However, the large amount of the investment in reverse osmosis/ultrafiltration systems still dwarf some customers who are not clear about the technical advantage of the membrane technology. The price plays always a key role in the competition in this market. The complexity of installation, monitoring and maintenance may cause some potential buyers to hesitate as well. more
There is a convergence of water and energy  mainly because of the urbanisation, cause new chances and risks too. Over
55 percent of the 7 billion people worldwide already live in cities, mainly in Africa, Asian and South America. Until 2025 we
expect over 65 percent of people will live in cities and until 2050 over 75 percent.
This development is also part of the new study

Helmut Kaiser

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