Why Medical Coding Outsourcing Is Beneficial?

CERRITOS, Calif. - April 16, 2014 - PRLog -- Medical coding is a dedicated profession within the extensive field of the Healthcare management. The job of a certified medical coder is to review the documentation that is included in the patient’s medical records and translate them into universally accepted alphanumeric standardized codes which are then submitted to the third party payers or the insurance companies for obtaining medical reimbursement. These standardized codes are useful in tracking occurrences of specific diseases, to gather statistical information and to distinguish developing trends in treatment protocol.

The coding system serves as an important function for obtaining reimbursement for physicians, quality review and benchmarking measurement. The certified Medical coders use medical coding software to analyse and calculate the data to improve patient care, control overall costs, and provide documentation in order to take legal actions. Offshoremedicalcoding would be a more reliable solution for practitioners in order to get the accurate coding.

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Value of Medical Coding Outsourcing

Accurate and timely medical coding is imperative to the comprehensive billing cycle of the healthcare industry. The smooth functioning of a healthcare facility is achieved with an error-free accurate billing & accounts receivables. Hence utmost care and sufficient time is required to ensure maximum reimbursement for the healthcare practitioners and patients. But due to unbalanced work schedule along with the complicated coding process, the physicians and healthcare practitioners are unable to devote much time for their patients.

Therefore without compromising patient care, proper revenue optimization can be achieved only by outsourcing the medical coding process to an external service provider specialized in medical coding and billing. By outsourcing to a reliable medical coding company, the healthcare practices can realize the value of outsourcing and enjoy the benefits offered.

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Cons of Maintaining In-House Medical Coding

Maintaining an In-house medical coding may lead to occurrence of errors which ultimately delays the submission of claims or the claims may get rejected and sent back. Also it adds up to your expenses to cover medical coder’s salary, employee benefits, investment on advanced technology etc. Moreover, if the coding personnel go on a vacation or gets sick or even quits the job, then the entire operation will be majorly stalled altogether.

Outsourcing the Medical Coding process to an external services provider has several benefits:

1) Cost-Effective: Hiring a Medical Coding Outsourcing to perform the job reduces the operating expenses and saves a lot of money on employee salary, benefits and other miscellaneous things. Outsourcing also saves a huge amount on equipment purchase and maintenance with Lesser Labour cost and increased realization of economics of scale.

2) Reduce Workload: Medical Coding Services reduces your workload to allow you to concentrate on your business functions without any interruption while the outsourcing company does the work for you.

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3) Maximum Reimbursement on Claims: Highly skilled professional coders employed by the outsourcing company check the accuracy of the data before submitting to the insurance companies for reimbursement of claims. Timely submission of accurate claims by these offshoremedicalcoding professionals thus ensures maximum claim reimbursement.

4) 24-hour Services: Round the Clock Service is provided by the Medical Coding Outsourcing companies for you to have access to expert coding specialists as and when required.

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