Emiratization Recruitment Secrets Revealed

ABU DHABI, UAE - April 14, 2014 - PRLog -- Currently, 88% of the Emirati works for the government sector and only 12% works for the private sector. According to Recruitment Specialist, Omar Taha “ There has been recently a heavy push to get Emiratis working  in the private sector”. He also added, “there are a lot of qualified Emiratis who have high degrees in education, but they currently lack any experience in the private sector.”.

If you are a private company looking to implement an effective recruitment technique for your organization, Mr. Taha encourages you to consider these tips:

Educate your In-House Recruiters

Begin an employment campaign by your Human Resources division or other equivalent department and be more open with the job market. Sometimes, the problem with recruitment is that companies are not able to amply broadcast its job opening. But in strengthening your recruitment strategies, you are sure to find the one you look for. Educating your in-house HR managers or recruiters should also add to the success of your recruitment efforts. In educating the team which handles your recruitment before they implement recruitment strategies, your HR should then immerse on effective recruitment strategies that are sure to work.

Social Media Presence

Your prospective employees are online. Saudi youth love social media and spend more time, on average, on social media per capita than most places in the world. If you are looking for dynamic professionals to form part of your company; you should be equally dynamic too-- and this, you can do as your join in the bandwagon of social media and social networking. The younger your target employees are; all the more should you engage in social media. This is a good way to be “top of mind” to your audience as they are on their social media accounts.

Provide a detailed job descriptions and set achievable qualifications.

For the job posts you require to be filled in, it is a must that you begin your search by having a clear set of detailed job description. As you set a definite scope of tasks, more Saudis will then be encouraged to apply for the post. Along with this, make sure that you set achievable qualifications, as more often than not, the shortage of qualified workers would be an impediment if you set your standards too high-- being realistic and practical is the key.

Offer Internship Programs.

Make your company a breeding ground for prospective Saudi employees. By  offering internship programs for qualified students, you not only start to train your future employees and save time for future training, but you also create loyalty between you and your future employees.These relationships are crucial as these interns will be ambassadors to your company as they return back to school and tell their friends about the comprehensive experiences they had with your firm. At this point though, it is important to note that internship program will only work if you create a learning environment for your interns, who then, may be given the chance to hone their skills with your company. This investment, in the end, it's a win-win for both parties.

Keep a Database of Potential Candidates.

It’s never too early to build a solid database for the future. Once you build this database, you can always refer back to it and email out potential candidates.  Today’s, a
pplicants who are seemingly unfit for your current job openings, maybe in demand tomorrow as you expand and grow your business. If you cannot hire a qualified candidate today, you may need to carry a dialogue with them in the future.

Partner with a staffing firm.

As you may have tried doing the search and recruitment on your own but to no avail, perhaps your last, yet effective recourse would be to partner with a staffing firm. With a database of various professionals and skilled workers, staffing and executive search firms (http://www.executivesearch.ae/) already effectively implement the strategies above. .

As you recruit in compliance with your Emiratization Recruitment (http://www.executivesearch.ae/emiratization.html) Program it is important to keep in mind that the perfect person for the job is out there-- all you need is to have the right strategy and effort to look for them.

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