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Creative Works designs dynamic custom laser tag arenas
Creative Works designs dynamic custom laser tag arenas
April 11, 2014 - PRLog -- Lazer Maze launched their custom Adventure laser tag arena in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.  Designed by Creative Works (, Lazer Maze's 5,000 SF arena is equipped with the latest sound, lighting, and fog effects to bring a thrilling experience to its players.  Guests are fitted with Laserforce equipment for interactive game play.  Few have attained knowledge of the Lost City, where unimagined beauty, unlimited riches, and untold secrets await.

The arena landscape that unfolds before players is filled with hanging vines, lush tropical foliage, and crumbling stone ruins from the secret civilization that once occupied this area.  Jungle overgrowth covers massive statues and hand-carved stone tiki heads line the passageways throughout the “Lost City.”  Around the edges of the ruins, more wild growth can be seen from the light of the burning torches outlining this hidden treasure of the jungle.

Danny and Maria De Cicco, owners of Lazer Maze, approached Creative Works with their goal to give customers an amazing laser tag experience at their facility.  "If any operators out there want to WOW their customers, Creative Works is the real deal!" commented Danny De Cicco, owner of Lazer Maze.  Creative Works' design team was able to create a unique mix of textures, 3D props and vibrant murals that allow guests to experience a unique jungle adventure with each visit.

Lazer Maze showcases an enhanced airbrush package with huge black light murals that line the arena, such as tranquil waterfalls, stone ruins, and a massive 3D statue.  Matthew Hirons, Creative Works' professional artist, gave some insight into his process when working on-site.  "As an artist, you are trying to give a flat wall 3D dimension with your design, kind of like an eight-bit Nintendo game.  I put a different spin on each arena I paint.  Many times my inspiration comes from images in movies, which helps me add life and action to my murals.”  Creative Works' artists travel all over the world and are responsible for inventing and implementing a fresh design for each arena.  "The first thing I look at when I walk into an arena is the entrance.  Where I put the focal mural is based on the entry point and overall layout of the arena.  It is extremely important to WOW the customer right when they walk in.”

Working internationally can create a few extra hoops to jump through.  With a good knowledge of timelines and transparency about road blocks, Creative Works' project management team works with their artists to ensure they are prepared for everything on site.  "We have the same layout that our installation team does before we go on site.  That way I am able to visualize the complete layout of the arena and can place the focal mural at the perfect spot," commented Hirons.  The Creative Works’ Design and Project Management Teams take the client through build-out, permit approval, architectural drawings, and site preparation before their team arrives for installation.

Lazer Maze is perfect for work parties, meetings, birthday parties, and team building.  Custom party packages offer the option for a Lazer Maze party host to organize their event.  Guests can have a blast playing laser tag, relaxing and grabbing a snack, or enjoying some pre-game entertainment at the arcade.

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