European Lottery Guild pays out to customers between the El Gordo and El Niño lottery draws

The European Lottery Guild has announced details of its players’ participation in the recent Spanish lottery draws of El Gordo and El Niño, with some staggering numbers being unveiled.
ZAANDAM, Netherlands - April 10, 2014 - PRLog -- It has been confirmed that ELG paid out a total of 70,000 winning lottery players across the two draws for a combined large amount.

Players won from all over the globe, however, ELG spokesperson Elizabeth Moore was less surprised stating that, “Our members enjoy these huge lottery wins, and although many of them play regularly in other weekly European lottery draws, these special annual draws obviously grab their attention.  The amount of players holding winning numbers was indeed huge, and it brings us great pleasure to be paying out to so many ELG lottery players once again.”

The El Gordo draw is the Spanish Christmas event, and the El Niño is drawn in the first week of the New Year, creating a very busy period for ELG.  The draws are extremely popular around the world due to the sheer size and amount of prizes available to win. This is reflected in the locations of winners, who participated in the draws with ELG, and Elizabeth Moore adds, “Many players from across Europe enjoy being a part of these huge Spanish draws, but we’ve also paid out winning players from Australia, Japan and many parts of Latin America. The draws may be Spanish, but our winner’s list is truly international.”

ELG is now currently in the process of preparing for the Summer EL Gordo draw which will be drawn in early July.  The estimated jackpot is 140,000,000 and once again will be a major attraction for many lottery enthusiasts.  With all the winners from the previous draws, ELG anticipates once again to be paying out thousands of lucky winners throughout the world this summer.

About the European Lottery Guild

European Lottery Guild (ELG) is the industry leader when it comes to providing customers with a complete one-stop location to play the biggest lotteries from around the world, where every step of the process is taken care of for them in a proven, secure and safe environment.

ELG is different from the competition in providing a full service by collecting any winnings on the winner’s behalf, converting the winnings to the winner’s local currency, and making sure they receive the funds. In business for over 23 years, ELG provides the gateway for people around the world to purchase Europe’s richest and most exciting lotteries today. Customers from different countries have been able to participate in some of the largest lotteries globally with thousands of happy winners from around the world enjoying the true international lottery experience.

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