Teeth Whitening Leader Expands to Home Delivery

White Teeth Whitening Kits now provides home users, direct access to their top quality products
HARTLEPOOL, England - April 10, 2014 - PRLog -- United Kingdom-10 April 2014. The current expansion of White Teeth Whitening Kits UK into different homes has been a convenient move that has been appreciated by many of its loyal patrons. Before, only dentists and technicians have better access to their array of effective teeth whitening products but now, they also supply to home users which spells a do-it-yourself (DIY) treatments. Sharron Hunt, company representative, adds “we have recently added a range for dentists and teeth whitening technicians there is everything they need to carry out a treatment safely.”

Word of Caution

As the company cares much about what happens to their customer's teeth and general mouth welfare, before, after and during their use of the whitening products they offer, Sharron and the rest of the team has put up a nice page to help out those who want to try some DIY procedures at home.

The new link is up at Product Instructions corner within the main links of the website. To begin with before using any of the products, such as http://www.whiteteethwhiteningkits.co.uk/teeth-whitening-..., crest whitening strips or whitening foams, pre-treatment liquid must be used (this is the blue liquid). The effect is cleansing since whitening agents works best if the teeth is clean. Teeth whitening trays must be used in accordance to product use specifications. Trays help focus the application of gels in the teeth so no excess touch up happens.

Wearing time is applicable for half an hour to an hour for first time users. This can be gradually increased over time as long as no teeth or gum and any other mouth sensitivity happens. Trays and gels must be stored in a cool dry place. Trays can be brushed with toothbrush and cold water for maintenance. Gels must be refrigerated for long term usage. Whitening sessions can be done once a day and must be able to produce desired results within a 20 to 30 day range.

Anyone under 16, breastfeeding mums and those with gum diseases should refrain from using the products. Those using the products can get more information here: http://www.whiteteethwhiteningkits.co.uk/pages/product-in.... Instructions also come for every teeth whitening kits delivery.

Benefits of Home Use

As the products are now not just directly available for smile clinics and practising dentists, the benefits are becoming clearer. If teeth whitening is done while at the confines of one's abode, anyone who is also working as an employee for a living may not need to bother their work schedule just to give up days for dentists to do it in their clinics. It must just be ensured that all instructions are followed to the letter as what's explicitly stated in the word of caution above.

Dentists and Trade (http://www.whiteteethwhiteningkits.co.uk/dentists-and-trade)

To carry out the best treatment safely, the company only delivers to certified technicians. In return, the technicians will only get teeth whitening products that are compliant to EU laws pertaining to products that will not harm patients nor give them any sensitivities and enamel erosions. All kits also come with a selection of pre-treatment supplies such as the blue liquid, gel applicator, cheek retractors and dental bibs. All these are aimed at providing only the most ideal and safe treatments for their patients. Miss Hunt also adds that delivery will always be free for businesses within the UK as long as official business is done within the online portal: www.WhiteTeethWhiteningKits.co.uk .

About White Teeth Whitening Kits

Help customers gain new confidence with the help of a bright and white smile, that has been the company's mission through and through. They pride themselves with delivery of top quality EU-made and compliant products to every home and dental clinic here and abroad.

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