DBA (Geoff Downes and Chris Braide) release Record Store Day collector’s edition EP

Two of the most influential and prolific men in music join forces for this special Record Store Day release, following their highly acclaimed first album, Pictures of You. The clear blue vinyl EP contains five songs, including two new tracks, Dreaming of England and Birds of Paradise.
LONDON - April 11, 2014 - PRLog -- DBA (Geoff Downes and Chris Braide) release limited edition Record Store Day collector’s edition vinlyl  EP  “Dreaming of England” available 19 April, 2014.

Two of the most influential and prolific men in music join forces for this special Record Store Day release, following their highly acclaimed first album, Pictures of You.  The clear blue vinyl EP contains five songs, including two new tracks, Dreaming of England and Birds of Paradise.

Two of the busiest men in music today, Geoff Downes and Chris Braide joined forces as the result of their close friendship and passion for music.  With a smile, they talk about DBA (Downes Braide Association) as the “best band you’ll never see” and have no intention of ever taking the act on tour. Their calendars are both booked.  Geoff  is immersed in writing, recording and touring with Asia and the legendary YES. Chris is one of the most active writers and producers in pop  music today, winning awards and acclaim for his work with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce, among others. DBA is a labor of love for both artists and they plan to continue to work their collaboration.

DBA released Pictures of You initially on Vinyl with Chris Topham’s Plane Groovy label. Plane Groovy is also releasing the five hundred copy limited edition clear blue DBA Vinyl five song EP “Dreaming of England.” DBA gained popularity with the CD release of Pictures of You, which is still popular and available. It is in its second pressing.

For this special Record Store Day Vinyl  EP, Geoff Downes and Chris Braide selected five songs, two of them brand new. The EP features guest musicians Dave Gregory (XTC) and Lee Pomeroy (It Bites).

Dreaming of England (Brand new!)

Birds of Paradise (Brand new!)

SuperFortress single mix

Road to Ruin (new version only available on this EP)

Sky Sailor (available on the CD version of Pictures of You, but not on the original vinyl)

Chris Braide provides commentary on the individual tracks:

“Dreaming of England” - the backing track for this song was originally recorded during the Pictures of You sessions but remained unfinished until December 2013 when the lyric was completed and beautiful guitar over dubs were added by XTC legend Dave Gregory. The song would have fitted in perfectly on the album but it's fortunate in some ways that it was left off because it's a lovely stand alone moment and one of the best things Geoff and I ever did I feel.

“Birds of Paradise” - another backing track that remained unreleased and unfinished at the time of the completion of the album. This song is a feel good number and the solinia string machine playing the off beat is another throwback reference to Geoff’s time as a Buggle! Electro Sci-fi reggae!

“Superfortress” single mix - in some ways this is the definitive mix of this song. Edited, completely remixed from the original multi track tapes and superior to the album version. It all came together in this remix. The 12 inch version which appeared on the digital version of Superfortress is also notable for its Ronald Regan narration! Finally this mix is available on vinyl for the first time.

“Road to Ruin” - completely different take on this song, with only the lead vocal included from the album version. It's more stripped and features a lot of use of the old Fairlight sampler with the haunting sampled vocals. Lots of big lexicon reverb on the vocals in the chorus make it quite epic sounding! Only available on vinyl on this 12 inch EP.

“Sky Sailor” - the vinyl for Pictures of You had already been cut when the mix of this lovely song was delivered so it just missed out on being included. Once everyone heard the song it was obvious that it should have been on the vinyl LP so for the first time it is included on this EP and given the attention some may feel it missed out on.”

About Geoff Downes

Wherever musical history is made, Geoff Downes is there. From the first video ever shown on MTV, the Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star”, Geoff continues to gain acclaim and break musical ground.  He is a founding member of Asia, and with vocalist/bassist John Wetton has just written the chart topping album Gravitas. With the legendary YES, Geoff has written two of the best reviewed and loved albums and has just recorded a new album, Heaven and Earth, soon to be released.  He is currently touring with YES. In between it all, he finds time to pioneer new work with a who’s who of rock and roll and continue his solo career. His latest solo release is Electronica, with award winning vocalist Anne-Marie Helder.  Geoff is  proud to be working with Chris Braide, a close friend and a musical force in his own right.

About Chris Braide

Chris is making musical history on his own. He has an ear for the popular and crosses genres, writing and producing some of the most famous artists and songs in recent years.  Did you see the Bud Light Superbowl commercial with the catchy “Ten Feet Tall” as the theme? Chris Braide wrote and helped produce that song. Chris is especially proud of his work with Geoff Downes. Chris  is an award winning writer and producer.  He has an ear for mainstream pop artists and clients include Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Beyonce. Chris Braide  wrote and helped produce the  original Ten Feet Tall soon to be released by AfroJack.  Chris’ third solo album is due in May, entitled Fifty Dollar Planets and Twenty Cent Stars.  That album, Chris says, “channels his inner Marc Bolan” and is a tribute in part to T-Rex, Bolan’s band.

The two men are famed in their own right.  Geoff a writer, producer and touring musician who is one of the most influential people in rock history.   Chris Braide  is  a lyricist and producer responsible for some of the  best selling pop songs for today.

Together they form a unique and unbeatable combination. Pictures of You is acclaimed by fans of all genres and ages as well as  critics. All eagerly await this very special limited edition vinyl  release for Record Store Day. Both Geoff and Chris promise to continue to work together, forging new ground in music, and to continue their solo careers. Oh, and Geoff will continue to write and tour with Asia and Yes.  Chris will continue to produce and write for the most famous pop artists of today.

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