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Well, This is The Bad Boy of Business and We're Willing to Bet You Never Heard of 'em.
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CHICAGO - April 8, 2014 - PRLog -- Know as The Bad boy of Business, for his unconventional techniques and marketing strategies, Martin Del Rio has set himself apart from the other marketers these days by going against the grain. He has taken start up companies, focused on boosting their inbound/outbound marketing potential, ultimately generating revenue simultaneously. He single handedly drove profits through the roof when he was contracted to be the marketing director for Victory Promotion. And saw similar success when contracted by C level execs at HSBC and CDM.

There are a lot of questions that want answers, however, part of Martin’s mystique is that he is incredibly hard to get ahold of. The guy is literally no where to be found and the only information that we have on him is only what his previous employers or colleagues have divulged and often times that isn’t much considering to work with Martin Del Rio, he requires a confidentiality agreement to be signed to protect his privacy. So what do we know about him so far;

-He was contracted to be a consultant for The Wolf of Wall Streets next Book. (We’re told Jordan met with Martin in Chicago to discuss the details and possible strategies. But has not been confirmed).

-He made a ton of money for a Media Company in Chicago in 2012-2013 and then quit just as the company recorded its highest earnings. They offered more money to keep him on the team and all he said was “No thank you”.

-He is still in Chicago, and supposedly working for the advertising titan better known as Groupon. But that hasn’t been confirmed yet and the folks over there aren’t saying much either. (Sounds like they may have signed a confidentiality agreement but who knows).

-He turned down an interview by Forbe's and Biz-Wire. When asked “Why?” by Forbes exec, he simply said “Just because” and hung up the phone. I don’t imagine that created a lot of excitement over at Forbes.

-He is an Iraq War Veteran—Where he served as a Sniper In the United States Army and was demoted for “knocking out his Lieutenant with the butt-stock of his sniper rifle” for ordering him to shoot a child, the Bad Boy of Business reportedly didn’t take the shot, so now we know he has a conscience.

-He came on the Business/Marketing scene first by working with local startups like tattoo shops and restaurants. (One tattoo shop found so much success it became a franchise and later turned into an actual tattoo university!)

-He has published a book about his tour of duty and was later forced to take the book down due to censorship. (He never republished it)

-He has 2 books set to publish this year by Atreyu Publishing, but there is no clue as to whether he will be publishing both at the same time or different times and the people at Atreyu Publishing are keeping tight lips about even working with him.

-He himself used to be a tattoo artist for a short period of time.

-He is from a small town in Indiana.

-He may or may not belong to the Freemasons, illuminati, Bilderberg or something along those lines of cryptic/creepy societies. Aren’t they all the same thing anyway?—We aren’t sure either.

-He is kind of a nice guy who usually brought doughnuts, coffee or candy for the staff (this reported by people who have actually worked closely with him).

We practically know nothing about who Martin Del Rio is, but one thing is for sure, he is the most sought after person for marketing and he likes his privacy and can careless about rules as he creates his own success by ignoring traditional forms of branding and marketing. We don’t know where he will end up next, but rest assured that if your business contracts him next, then consider yourself lucky!

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