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There has been a positive, rising trend across the globe recently in regards to the way countries are developing and improving their health care services.
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - April 5, 2014 - PRLog -- There has been a positive, rising trend across the globe recently in regards to the way countries are developing and improving their health care services. This new attention to the welfare of the world’s citizens has had a tremendous impact on the global population. An increased reliance on education and health care knowledge, combined with hard-working frontline health workers and better, more advanced hospitals and surgical centers has created a healthier world for people to live in. And it’s through innovation that much of this is taking place.

New Technology at our Disposal

Innovation takes demand. It takes a problem and a solution. It also takes imagination to create the tools to solve these complex issues the world faces. We now live in a time where more and more developing countries are focusing on upgrading their health care facilities via the technology at hand. When combined with well-trained health care professionals, new technology has proven to be greatly effective in combating issues ranging from Malaria to AIDS.

Innovations at Work

There are many creative, inspiring innovations happening on a global level. Take, for instance, the Pratt Pouch. Developed at Duke University, the Pratt Pouch is a ketchup packet-like container that reduces mother-to-child transmission of HIV among resource-poor population who have little to no access to health care services. This novel foil pouch holds a pre-measured dose of antiretroviral medication and has a long shelf life, allowing mothers to receive prophylactic medications during their first or second trimester. The Pratt Pouch is currently being tested by health care workers in several countries like Tanzania.

Another example of a mobile innovation is a promising multi-media mobile phone application called mSakhi. In India, accredited social health activists (known as ASHAs) helped to develop this mobile health application so that crucial information would be available to ASHAs during home visits with new mothers and babies. mSakhi, which means mobile friend in Hindi, is an interactive tutorial that offers 153 key jngy health messages on things like prenatal care, immunization, and nutrition. Clearly, innovation has help level the playing field across all nations.

International Health Care

As more people discover that the quality of health care has risen across the globe, we could very well see an increase of people opting to purchase international health insurance from companies like The American Assurance Underwriters Group. With international health coverage, you could see lower premiums and even better services than what’s provided within the country you currently reside. Talk to a professional today to find out if international health insurance is right for you and your family.

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