Bad Teachers: Real Life Stories Of Teachers Having Sex with Their Students

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Bad Teachers on Investigation Discovery 9/8C
Bad Teachers on Investigation Discovery 9/8C
NEW YORK - April 18, 2014 - PRLog -- Bad Teachers

What makes a teacher “bad?” Too much homework assigned? Tests ridiculously hard to pass? That’s what comes to mind…but a new series premiering April 22nd 9/8C on Investigation Discovery takes the meaning of “Bad Teachers” to a whole new level!

These days, a “bad teacher” is one with zero boundaries, a sexual predator lurking behind a desk, peering out to a room full of young students, casting their hook of seduction and patiently waiting for that young naïve guppy to bite.

One of the last few places we can send our children and know they are safe, secure, and expanding their minds is school, right? Nope, not anymore. These days you have to be cautious that your daughter or son may be targeted by a teacher for sexual banter, erotic play, and their first-time sexual encounter may take place in a classroom on a desk, in the teacher’s closet, in a car, a hotel room, your house, their house, in a park, or anywhere there is an opportunity—WITH THEIR TEACHER. A bad teacher sees no age when it comes to getting what he or she needs and wants. They don’t see the child as a child. All they know and care about is what they need, and what they must have right then and there.

The prize could be a boy, or a girl, or even 2 boys, or 2 girls…individually, or at the same time. Same-sex relationships with a teacher, group sex and orgies orchestrated by the teacher. If you can imagine it, a bad teacher somewhere has done it. These kids are thrust into an adult world of every possibility, and their childhood, which technically is not over until they are 18, and some could argue even longer than that, is abruptly ended by their teacher with one taboo touch, kiss, fondle, or an all the way wicked score.

Now a show, “Bad Teachers” with true and twisted stories of bad teachers--the series could renew for many years, and still not have come close to telling all the stories to date. Each with dirty-grit, and shocking sexual details, reckless ywqosf affairs, insatiable appetites for sex, addictions leading to many lives being turned upside down, and for some, their lives lost as the truth is revealed.

As we all know too well, it is the teacher who is the power figure that fails to admit what is happening is wrong. And the student, who shows some kind of vulnerability due to problems at home or self-esteem issues is a more than willing participant and an easy target of a sociopathic narcissist that many of these teachers are. There is no foresight to consequences; the rules just don’t apply to a ‘bad teacher.’ As these relationships are becoming more and more prevalent, and almost always end with the teacher being arrested and prosecuted, the student and their families are left to deal with what happened for unknown years to come. Many will live scarred by it for the rest of their lives.

This show is intense, jaw dropping; each story is so unbelievable that you will be shocked that anything like it could ever happen.

Teachers, bringing them an apple just doesn’t cut it anymore…

The 3 show series premieres on April 22nd at 9/8C on ID. Produced by Atlas Media Company and Sound Design and Mix by Jacques Boulanger at Creative Audio Post.

Holly Grace, In-House Producer

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