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April 4, 2014 - PRLog -- The trend of PTC Sites (or Paid to Click sites) started around 2008 when a site called NeoBux.com massively popularized a way to earn money online without investment by paying it's members for viewing ads on their site.

Businesses and online marketers promoted their products/services via NeoBux to their hundreds and thousands of members and NeoBux as a PTC site would share a portion of the revenue or advertisers' cost with it's members which led to a win-win relationship between NeoBux and it's members.

So the way it used to work was that advertisers would "purchase clicks" from PTC sites and the members of the site would view the ad and would get paid for it as well (somewhere from $0.001 to $0.01, the remaining portion goes to the PTC site) and the ad would be taken off once the all the promised clicks have been served as per the advertiser's request.

Additionally PTC sites like NeoBux have collaborated with CrowdFlower and have extended the earning potential by enabling the members to earn via "short tasks" i.e. somewhere from $0.001 to as high as $2 for small tasks such as reviewing videos, data entry etc.

This online earning model of PTC sites became so popular that right now at the time of this press release, NeoBux being an elite PTC site has over 1000000 members and it pays close to $90000 on a daily basis through it's instant payment methods via PayPal, Payza and Neteller payment processors.

Part of the reason why PTC sites have become so popular is because of the earning potential it offers on a daily basis with most prominent members earning up to $20+ on a daily basis by clicking ads, doing tasks etc. and that is close to $600 a month!

Now the question arises, how does one earn that much from just one PTC site? Sounds hype and near impossible or even scam doesn't it?

But not really. The sauce or juicy part about not just NeoBux but all the PTC sites lies in what's called "rented referrals" and "membership level". Yes, rented referrals and membership omnsq level.

You would join PTC sites as free member, clicking ads, doing mini tasks daily, and probably also winning prizes via games. But as you accumulate money, you would have the option to "rent referrals", wherein you pay somewhere as low as $0.60 to start off with 3 referrals and as you go on earning from doing tasks, clicking ads, and from the 3 rented referrals, you can accumulate as high as 100 to 300 rented referrals as a standard (or free) member over a period of a few months.

With PTC sites similar to NeoBux you'd earn $0.005 per click from your rented referrals, so with your first 3 rented referrals, assuming they click at least 2 ads daily you'd earn:

3 rented referrals * $0.005 * 2 = $0.03 daily

Your own ad clicks would earn you close to $0.06 every day, so excluding mini tasks, your earnings from just the ad clicks and rented referrals would be $0.09 daily.

Now in 7 days, you may rent another 3 referrals and you would now earn

6 referrals * $0.005 * 2 = $0.06 daily ($0.12 daily including your own ad clicks)

As you go on renting referrals and doing tasks, clicking ads, assuming you now have 300 referrals, your earnings would be:

300 referrals * $0.005 * 2 = $3 daily!!! ($3.06 including your ad clicks)

At this point you need to understand that earning money from PTC sites requires a lot of patience, as with any other form of earning. There isn't anything that'd get your rich overnight unless you come up with something like Mark Zuckerberg did. So if you aren't mentally prepared to set the goal of getting maximum rented referrals, clicking ads, doing tasks etc, PTC isn't for you.

Now earlier we mentioned the potential of earning $200 per day remember? That is possible if you are prepared to upgrade your membership level, i.e at $90 you get Golden Membership which earns you $0.01 per referral click and lets you rent a maximum of 2000 referrals! So you see the potential here?

2000 rented referrals * 1.5 Clicks * $0.01 = $30 daily!

And that's $900 per month!

Before we move further a few things to keep in mind:

1) Autopay:

Now we rent referrals for a month right? Which means we'd need to rent referrals again after a month? Wrong! The answer to that is "Autopay".

In the "Rented Referrals" section of a PTC site, you'd find this option, by default it's disabled, so go ahead and enable it the moment you rent your first 3 referrals.

Through this option your rented referrals would be paying to keep themselves for one extra day through their first click everyday. That way you don't have to pay to extend them either.

2) Make sure you click ads daily, else you won't get paid for your referral clicks (don't worry doesn't take more than 5 to 10 minutes per day)

3) Recycle:

PTC Sites let you recycle inactive referrals, ideally if you don't see referrals clicks in 14 days, a PTC site recycles and replaces inactive referral with a new one. But it's suggested you do it every 7 days, and let the referrals expire if it's inactive despite recycling it 4 times a month, and if you get an active referral, extend them if they have less than 20 days left since most PTC sites disable autopay for a referral that's got less than 20 days.

What if I want to rent and earn fast?

Well the answer is simple, you'll have to deposit money via PayPal, Payza or Neteller and rent 100 referrals for $20.

100 referrals * $0.005 * 2 Clicks = $1.06 daily (including your ad clicks)

20 days later you can rent 100 more and similarly 300 referrals and within another month upgrade to enhance your earnings.

Fast enough right?

So go ahead and visit the link below to know the best PTC sites that pay:

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