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CERRITOS, Calif. - April 1, 2014 - PRLog -- Medical coding is an integral part of the medical billing process. Over the past twenty years it has witnessed significant changes in the process of medical billing and claim processing. Earlier, medical records were handwritten and then transcribed or typed. Later with the introduction of computers, the documents were typed and stored on floppy disks and printed.

Now with advanced technology, Medical Coding has become easier with encoding software programs, which help Medical Coding professionals to get accurate codes efficiently and quickly. It analyses the digitized Medical records and assigns suitable codes and submit the same through web-based repository to the clients. However, to increase the coding efficiency, the service of an experienced Professional Coder is still vital to reduce errors and ensure proper claim reimbursement for the healthcare providers.

Although the offshoremedicalcoding industry is a booming field, for healthcare practitioners it is a sensitive area of business operations. If the coding job is not performed to strict standards, the physicians and hospitals will not get paid. Owing to under-coding, under-pricing and missed charges, the claims tend to get rejected. This in turn affects the overall revenue of healthcare practices. Outsourcing to a professional organization helps organize the revenue cycle and restrains denials.

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Most of the healthcare practitioners prefer to outsource their Medical Coding process to reliable Medical Coding Outsourcing that offers effective solutions within the stipulated time. These services have experienced coding experts who maintain patient information as electronic health records (EHR) or electronic data. They strictly comply with the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations and use advanced technologies to facilitate easy and quick retrieval of data. This ensures minimal coding errors and maximum reimbursement.


Medical Coding Services
maintain a well-organized workflow to enable you to trace the complete work easily. They follow a systematic method in the medical billing and coding process in order to submit the claims to the payers in a quick turnaround time. They verify the medical records sent by their clients to ensure whether the patient documentation and demographic sheets are included. The professional coder employed by the medical coding services carefully checks the medical records and assign appropriate procedural & diagnostic codes such as CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS and E/M level for each and every record. Also they assign modifiers along with these codes. The accuracy of these codes is verified by the coding team which prepares the claims and finally submits them to the payers on time.

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The Medical Coding Outsourcing firms employ a coding team to conduct frequent audits for any coding errors and devise useful strategies to eliminate them. Thus, accurate claims with due reimbursement is guaranteed. Internal audits also evaluate the coding compliance to avoid denial of claims and penalties. They safeguard the medical documents in a password-protected system, install firewall and antivirus and adopt file transfer protocol (FTP) and encryption. They also shred the spoiled hard copies of important documents on site itself. Thus, they ensure high confidentiality of the entire medical documents.

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