New Horizon Promotions Shares Team Member Success Story in Entrepreneurship

WOBURN, MA – New Horizon Promotions has some exciting developments as Allison receives the company’s first outside promotion and will soon be opening her very own office, further expanding the firm’s market reach.
New Horizon Promotions
New Horizon Promotions
WOBURN, Mass. - March 16, 2014 - PRLog -- Allison’s promotion is a testament to the effectiveness of the firm's Business Leadership trainee program, and the next month is going to be fast-paced for the experienced in-person marketing specialist.

Kerlande, the CEO of the Massachusetts-based firm, said: "This is the first time I've promoted someone to open an office. I'm really excited to see how Allison progresses once she is pushed out of her comfort zone. I really want to see her succeed and go beyond everything I’ve taught her - in networking, in hitting goals, in every aspect really.” She continued by telling us the steps that Allison will take, “To begin with, she's going on a road trip and will be training and providing assistance to another market, using her expertise and leadership skills to help them achieve client goals. This experience is going to help her when she launches her very own workplace in about three weeks' time, and she'll be hiring talented professionals with her."

New Horizon Promotions is keen to give people a chance to shine, and according to Kerlande, Allison is the type of person who has consistently given 120%, even though 100% is what was required. "She is a hard worker who formulates a plan and sticks to it," the CEO continued. "What I love about her is the ability she has developed to figure out what she wants and fight for it until it's hers. It's been a great honor to have such an instrumental individual in our entrepreneurial training program, and I'm confident she's going to help dozens of aspiring business people to fulfil their dreams in the years ahead."

Allison’s Entrepreneurial Success Story through New Horizon Promotions

Allison was born in Vermont and moved to Boston when she was 22. She says that her inspiration for doing so was because of her passion for cities, and how they were a reminder of the rewards that lie ahead for successful businesswomen. Yet even with her love of the city, Allison has always valued balancing her work commitments with her family's needs, as she is the youngest of four sisters.

"Striking up this balance is everything, really," Allison insisted. "Not every day is going to go the way you planned it but what keeps me moving forward is the opportunity that New Horizon Promotions gave me that allows me to find financial stability. Seeing people grow and helping them improve every day also inspires me to give my all at work,” she continued, “ My new position is going to provide me with plenty of opportunities to keep building on my career as well as help others do the same. The monetary benefits are a fantastic bonus and this will give me a chance to give back to my family. My family is my number one priority and if they weren’t there I don’t know what I would do; that’s why having the financial freedom to be there for them is such a rewarding experience."

She is also a keen sportswoman. Soccer, basketball, and softball are among her passions and it's clear to see how the teamwork involved in sports has successfully translated into her business practices. Allison went on to say, "I was the captain of all three sports teams, and had the ability to get all of the players I led pumped. It's this experience that has helped me to develop my leadership potential. I use a lot of sports concepts to help motivate people.”

We asked Allison for her thoughts on the new role. Her excitement was profound, and it's clear that she is ready to flaunt the leadership skills she developed with a little help from New Horizon Promotions. She said: "I feel comfortable at the helm of a big group of people. You need to understand how to build lasting relationships and understand the dynamics within the team. I'm particularly fascinated to discover the learning processes of my colleagues, as this ensures I'll be able to provide instruction that they'll absorb. From here, they'll hit their targets and have the motivation to continue."

Allison is also indebted to Kerlande for believing in her, and investing time and effort into her development during her journey "I'm in awe of her dedication to helping the people she employs grow and develop," she continued. "Kerlande was a mentor who believed in me, and empowered me with the realization that I'll be able to do whatever I put my mind towards. I look forward to doing her proud, and to being as good a mentor to other businesspeople in the years ahead."

New Horizon Promotions is constantly looking for entry-level marketing specialists to join its team. Communication consultants are also in high demand. Regardless of the job that someone takes on, boundless energy, an ability to motivate others, people skills, and leadership skills are crucial. The CEO says that she prides herself on being straightforward and being very clear with her expectations of team members. “If you believe you have the potential to deliver, and would like to work with a company that offers growth, opportunities, and a fun environment, apply today. Who knows, you could be the next success story after Allison!”

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New Horizon Promotions, based in Massachusetts, helps Fortune 500 clients maximize their market share across the region. It would be impossible to give clients prominence and profitability without a highly-trained team of talented, multi-skilled, determined, and personable entrepreneurs, who interact with consumers from all walks of life on a daily basis. All team members at New Horizon Promotions undergo intensive training in how to lead teams, as well as a detailed insight into how the company's business model works through their highly effective Business Leader mentorship program.

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