Great News for Performers and Speakers Who Suffer From Stage Fright

Author Stan Munslow's breakthrough book: "Onstage and In-Control: Ten Easy Ways to Clobber Stage Fright" FREE on Amazon!
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COVENTRY, R.I. - March 14, 2014 - PRLog -- Stay cool. Be more confident. "Learn & Affirm" your way to performing success -- no matter what sort of "performing" you do!

From March 21st to March 23rd, performers and speakers who experience performance anxiety and jitters can obtain Stan Munslow's powerful ebook FREE for Kindle on Amazon.

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Whether you ...

sing or perform as a musician
give sales presentations or reports
make speeches
teach classes
conduct meetings
play on sports teams
do dance or gymnastics
perform in theater
speak in church
or find yourself in front of large numbers of people for any reason

... each of the ten powerful strategies you will learn in this book will teach and inspire you to become more relaxed, confident, charismatic, self-assured, persuasive, and in control. Each one will help make your performing or speaking experience not only stress-free but truly enjoyable.

And without those jitters plaguing you rest assured: You will do a better job!

More than just a book: "Onstage and In Control: Ten Easy Ways to Clobber Stage Fright" is part of Stan Munslow's proven "Learn & Affirm" series. After you read through and learn each short and simple yet highly effective strategy, you will then infuse the new empowering wisdom deep into your subconscious with the carefully crafted affirmations that follow.

Affirmations are short powerful declarations which, when read or spoken aloud many times, will strengthen your thinking and behavior right down to the cellular level. Yes, the use of affirmations is extremely widespread among the successful from all areas because, quite simply, they work -- they work wonders. Many top people -- from actors and athletes to lawyers and business executives -- attribute a huge part of their success to the diligent use of affirmations.

The strategies and techniques you will discover in Stan Munslow's new book will give you the grit, mettle, and backbone you need to deliver the goods with authority, expertise, and chutzpah in front of any audience.

Indeed, if your success depends on your ability to do anything before others, reading this book and implementing the strategies it offers you will change your life!

No matter what sort of "performing" you do, it is very likely that you have experienced some form of performance anxiety, commonly known as "stage fright." In fact, speaking and performing before others has been consistently ranked as the number-one fear in the U.S. The #1 fear! So, if you've ever experienced any form of performance-related anxiety, here is an important trade secret:

Acquiring the necessary skills and the mind set to perform or speak before others with total confidence not only makes you feel better, it is the answer to nearly everything else that will make you truly great at what you do.

It gives you:

strong, articulate, confident voice quality
more accurate musical technique
a more dynamic personality
a more relaxed appearance
compelling charisma
powerful stage-presence
convincing delivery
greater focus and concentration
a deeper connection with your audience

When you're up there and you feel good andR gutsy it all just falls into place. You can relax and be yourself. And when you feel good, you look and sound great.

Read this book, put the strategies and knowledge into practice, and very soon you will look forward to your next performance or presentation with fewer shakes, a looser gut, and a heap more confidence.

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