Audio Signage Gives your Sign a Voice

March 12, 2014 - PRLog -- The unique solution aims to give the screen a voice, engaging consumers at shopping windows and inside stores through visual content and associated audio streams.  A free Barix smartphone app called Barix Audio Point, to be available  in traditional App Stores, prompts consumers to scan a QR Code for stream access, which provides relevant and captivating audio content in synchronization with on-screen video.  The combination brings higher awareness to promotions, store branding and other messaging through deeper engagement with shoppers and addresses the retailer’s goal of increasing basket size.


The complete solution gives systems integrators and end users an all-in-one package that is quick to deploy, with ongoing reliability.  Multichannel audio capacity additionally supports multiple streams, allowing retailers to provide audio signage content in several languages. The bring-your-own-device trend in retail makes audio signage a natural step in advancing the customer journey, from redeeming special coupons delivered alongside mobile streams to receiving information about online shopping after stores have closed. The act of seeing and listening together raises the grade of perception, and through this solution retailers can give their customers a more complete experience that raises the potential to drive purchases. Barix excels at moving audio over IP networks with very minimal delay, and our audio signage solutions feature content management systems from suppliers will help retailers deliver an enjoyable in-store audio visual experience to consumers. This concept advances communication at retail touchpoints to a new level, moving past solitary audio or visual to bring greater context to the shopping environment. Good sounding audio helps to focus customer attention and extend their journeys into the mobile universe while on premises this solution breathes new life into visual screen content.  Barix also shares our philosophy of high-quality, reasonably priced technology and customer-centric solutions, and we see this as a unique opportunity to bring an innovative and exciting retail solution to market.


With this System integrators can add more value by using the same network architecture to separately deliver Barix in-store radio solutions with dynamic ad insertion; and live paging and intercom.  Retailers can deploy the latter at help points alongside display screens to expand customer service channels.

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