Citybuzz Marketing On How To Have Kick-Ass People Skills

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Citybuzz Marketing On How To Have Kick-Ass People Skills

MANCHESTER, UK, March 2014 – Do you think you’re qualified for a particular job, fit to lead a team, or entitled to a promotion because you have extensive experience and highly developed technical skills? Well, it turns out that while those things are crucial to your professional success, it’s imperative that you also have great soft skills–more commonly known as “people skills.”

People skills are the various attributes and competencies that allow one to play well with others. People skills come down to how people interact with each other, from a verbal and/or non-verbal perspective; they are non-technical in nature. When we think of people skills, words such as personality, empathy, and tonality come to mind.

Here are 19 “people skills” and attributes you’ll need to succeed at work:

The ability to relate to others. By having a well-rounded personality and set of experiences, it’s usually possible to relate to almost anyone.

Strong communication skills. This is the most fundamental people skill because it encompasses your persona and ability to get along with other colleagues, persuade others to listen to your ideas, and much more.

Patience with others. If you’re patient with others and can keep a level head in stressful situations, it will definitely be noticed by management and perceived as a very strong asset.

The ability to trust others. You can only accelerate your career if you’re trustworthy.

Knowing how and when to show empathy. Having the ability to place yourself in someone else’s shoes is a key people skill.

Active listening skills. Listen without interruption and then take the time to think and form a response before replying. It takes practice, but it pays off.

Genuine interest in others. People know when you’re truly interested in them.

Good judgment. Good judgment is a key people skill that comes directly from learning, listening to others and observing the world around you.

The ability to persuade others. You need to be able to form a strong, convincing argument for why you, or your products, are the very best at some point in your career.

Negotiation skills. Good negotiating skills are beneficial with both internal and external discussions.

The ability to keep an open mind. Being known as someone who keeps an open mind makes you more approachable and easier to work with.

A great sense of humour. If you can retain some lightheartedness in your job, you’re likely to get more air time during meetings and overall.

Knowing your audience. Knowing what, how, and when to say things to others is critical.

Honesty. The saying, “honesty is the best policy” is not only true, it’s essential in building trust among your colleagues. Once you lose it, it’s almost impossible to regain.

Awareness of body language. The importance of body language cannot be emphasized enough, since it makes up the majority of how we communicate with others.

Proactive problem solving. Work is a series of problem solving situations, but if you’re proactive, you’ll take the pressure off your boss and colleagues.

Leadership skills. If you can motivate a team and help those around you do their best work, you’ll be more successful even if you’re not in management.

Good manners. Using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ goes a long way in the realm of people skills.

The ability to be supportive and motivate others. People want others to believe in them, regardless of how successful they might be. By showing support in the form of encouragement, you can put someone back on track or keep them headed in the right direction.

Nowadays many of us live in two worlds, the real and digital one. Make sure that your people skills are consistent across both.

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