The College of Automotive Management Launches Online Automotive Career Training Program For Dealers

SANTA ANA, Calif. - March 10, 2014 - PRLog -- After more than three years of beta testing, The College of Automotive Management announces the launch of (ACT) Automotive Career Training, its online learning platform for dealers.

"When employees are highly skilled in their job description and work as a team focused on loving customers as their primary objective, they naturally achieve higher closing ratios on existing traffic, higher gross profits per sale, and develop personal relationships with more customers -  thereby securing that elusive repeat and referral business every dealer wants. Through our beta test we have been able to document these results consistently in dealerships across America, including domestic, import and high-line franchises alike. The bottom line is everyone wants to be loved and appreciated and customers respond to that attitude and treatment in a very profitable way for dealerships.“ says Eric Andersen, President of the College of Automotive Management.

After training more than 7,000 automotive professionals in our classrooms since 1992 at a price tag of over $14,000 per student, the College is bringing their unique brand of automotive education to the dealers using a sophisticated learning management system for a fraction of the classroom cost so that dealers can afford to train all of their sales and F&I department employees as a team.

“During our beta test with individual students that contract with the College directly and dealers that have provided the training to their employees, ACT has proven that it is uniquely capable of producing increased profits, 100% CSI, and sustainable growth for the dealer in a very predictable and measurable manner.” added Andersen.

Unique learning tracks are provided to salespeople, sales managers, and F&I managers/directors based on their department objectives. Internet, leasing and special finance managers have their own learning paths as well. While each employee has their own career training track to follow, all employees are taught ethics, become legal compliance certified, and learn the skills of making friends and influencing people through acts of goodwill and love.

Over the course of the first year, all employees are also cross-trained so that they understand how their role affects the entire sales and F&I process. That allows dealers to promote from within without risk or additional training costs, and reward those employees that implement what they learn.

“The decision to go online was revolutionary”, says Andersen. “We had no idea how superior the online learning experience could be with the right investments and support tools. Looking back, we realize that we were so limited in the classrooms. Today’s students have numerous advantages and are documenting tremendous results.”

The College has been able to add hundreds of hours of curriculum due to no time constraints online and students can revisit courses without limit while training at their own pace from any computer or mobile device. "The quality of instruction has also skyrocketed according to student surveys. Instead of one instructor teaching a classroom, online students are being taught by more than a dozen of the industry’s foremost experts in their areas of expertise including phone training, sales training, desking, leasing, customer loyalty, special finance, F&I product sales, menu selling, package selling, loan underwriting, lead management, legal compliance and ethics, and more." stated Andersen.

“The industry experts teaching our students typically charge a dealer more than $2,000 a day for their in-store training. They have graciously donated their time and content to the College to give back and raise the bar in the auto industry to a whole new level.” says Jim Radogna, Director of Compliance at the College.

Each student is also provided with their own personal career coach to help them set and achieve personal goals. “The friendships that have been formed between coaches and students has been life changing for all of us”, says Andersen.

Each student is also provided with a personal trainer that provides one-on-one instruction as requested on any topic within the learning program. One-on-one training couldn’t occur in the classrooms.

“All that really matters is what the students say” says Lloyd Andersen, CEO and Founder of the College. “We ask them for their comments and production results continually throughout all learning tracks and have used that information to make our adjustments to achieve 100% student satisfaction for the last 18 months. Dealer employees are happier, have a longer term view of their opportunity in the auto industry, and are increasing their income by focusing on the #1 objective, which we believe and teach is our #1 objective in life, and that is to love God and love others. There are so many ways to practically apply the principle of unconditional love throughout the sales, desking and F&I process and that is what we teach. We are unique in that approach to the business, and that is why the results of our students are so dramatic. They actually change who they are at work, and hopefully in their personal lives as well. They don’t get this form of education anywhere else.” reports Mr. Lloyd Andersen.

Derek Spady, the first graduate of the College’s online learning program more than doubled his income selling cars at Earnhardt Cadillac in Mesa Arizona and was then promoted to F&I where he quickly became the #1 F&I manager out of 10 dealerships in the group by achieving a per car average of more than $2,000, while maintaining a service contract penetration of more than 75%.

“The College changed my life.” says Mr. Spady.  “I finally learned how to really connect with my customers.”

Derek didn’t wait to be promoted to get the training he wanted. He signed up on ACT on his own and paid the $2,495 first year tuition, and put himself in a position to be the best candidate for the job he wanted.

Mike Morris, at Aloha Kia Waipahu, was going to be promoted from the business office to F&I by his employer. Upon hearing about the opportunity, Mike immediately enrolled in the ACT program with his dealer’s financial support. Within 90 days of promotion, he became the #1 producing F&I manager in all seven stores in the dealer group by maintaining a per car average over $1,500 by focusing on achieving 100% CSI.

“I couldn’t have done what I’ve accomplished in my career without the College” reported Mike. “As a result of my rapid success, my employer enrolled all of the employees in the entire group."

For more information, or to speak with current students and graduates of the ACT program, interested parties can contact the College via the College’s website at

Jim Radogna
College of Automotive Management PRs
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