SMECO Business Customers Now Have A Choice When It Comes To Purchasing Electricty

Energy deregulation introduces market competition and creates new utility options for Southern Maryland business owners. SMECO business customers now have a choice.
Deregulation Simplified
Deregulation Simplified
PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. - March 12, 2014 - PRLog -- Competition means savings for you...and we are happy to compete.

In the United States
, the economic principle of deregulation has been successfully applied to several industries that play key roles in our economy, including commercial aviation, telecommunications, and trucking, to name just a few. The goal of deregulation is to create a level playing field that fosters price competition and innovation by eliminating monopolies.

Prior to deregulation, your local utility would generate or purchase electricity on your behalf and deliver it to your business or home.

Now, in deregulated states, you can choose the company that actually supplies your electricity and the price and terms you want to pay. However, the same reliable utility will still deliver the power to your business or home, provide customer service, and send you your bill. It’s the best of both worlds.

Electricity is a commodity traded on wholesale markets at market prices. So regardless of whom you purchase from, it is the same safe, reliable power that will be delivered by the same utility. However, by purchasing from a competitive supplier, you can leverage your unique load profile and usage patterns and negotiate better pricing and terms for the supply of your electricity. It’s safe, reliable, and easy.

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