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BOSTON - March 9, 2014 - PRLog -- I had met hundreds of Egyptians during my working days In Egypt. It was really interesting to integrate with a new culture and a new society. This can be really helpful to install new awareness on how people can be so different yet so similar. I had managed to know a friend his name was Saleh Alarabi (https://www.facebook.com/saleh.alarabi) this guy I only knew him through Facebook as he really inspired me through his interesting knowledge about societies presenting it in simple relevant form that I personally can relate to.

I sat with him in Egypt only twice. But those 2 long moments made a vast difference in the way I think. He was really annoyed in the way people were living. The way we think in general, as all of us have dreams of making money, getting married to a beautiful spouse and having great kids to raise and feed. During our discussion in Starbucks he was reading a newspaper and he told me look. These are the people who died today in Egypt. Can you recognize any of them? He was getting to a point that those died and left everything behind them. But the important part is what did they leave?

I’ll try to sum up our great conversation into simple words this can also help understanding the Egyptian mind and how it thinks. He starts by;

In this century god gave human beings certain days to live by from 60 to 70 years on average. Some live more some die before but it’s all fate and we cannot do anything about it. We can only decide the contribution that we should give during our short moments in this life. During our discussion he had this book called “the 8th habit” he told me see Stephen Covey  died last month and he is still teaching me from his grave. I never got the chance to meet him and he published this book in 2004 seeking to reach the right audience to help them out in leadership. And he simply did a marvelous job in achieving his goal.  Not only that I teach this book to group of people in my closed circle that can lead to continues spread of his teachings around the globe.

My dream is to not just teach people to have a successful life I want to practice what I preach. It’s really difficult to balance between those two especially when you are under pressure of this materialistic life and how I’m seeking to be financially independent. It’s not easy in Egypt nor in any under developed country. As most give so much effort during the day and get nearly nothing in return. I’ve managed to get out of this dogma through complete dedication in understanding what is marketing and how to reach the right audience and sell my message, my service or my product. I am a dentist and most of friends in the range of my age are struggling to get out of this dogma in not getting financially appreciated in their efforts.

Till this moment I haven’t decided to make a career shit from dentistry to a marketer as at the moment I’m using both to achieve my temporarily goal to be independent and have my own voice to be heard around the world. My voice is to make a major difference in people’s life to have ultimate goals and contribute something real in their societies. It’s not just changing the way they think. We need to find a group of intellectuals around the world to have our closed society to invest all of our time and money in establishing a new era in marketing science.

Why Marketing?

As you can see all of our lives from the moment we get born is based on marketing. Our mothers went to this specific doctor or hospital because it was recommended by someone trusted to her. Our decisions in choosing college or schools are also based on us asking our neighbors, relatives and anyone who is close to us. If they are trusted and endorse this kind of school we endorse it as well. Especially if it matched our expectations then we start recommending it to others. And this is called simply “Word of Mouth”.

The importance of marketing is not just to make money it’s to spread your ideas, projects, contributions to nations around the world. And with good intentions you can definitely change people’s life to the max. Most of us have great ideas maybe great applicable examples but they have a one problem of spreading their voice to the right people.

To be honest, I’m so sick and tired of all our life turned to a commercially based society banners, ads, flyers, TV commercials, YouTube commercials, Google ads…etc. All advertisements are used to get money in the pockets. Then take this money to make more money and greed has no ending point. I’m totally supporter to make vast amount of money through marketing skills but not for the sake to make money. The intentions behind this must be oriented to be independent and contribute something to the society based on your genuine efforts and understanding. Being financially independent turns you away from enslavement from others minds who got the power of money. You become your own boss. Especially if you had great morals, ethics creamed up with ultimate goal. It can make a vast positive difference.

People over 30’s can relate to what I say as the more we get older the more practical we become the less we care about our goals and the more we focus on materialistic means. Since, most at this stage have kids to feed, recurring pills to pay, stuff to be fixed, problems to be solved… having no time to renovate the current life.

We always hear about work smart not hard. But basically nobody really gives what does working smart means. I hate it when somebody publishes a book just to market for himself and not to really provide a valuable practical knowledge. For that I can totally say most personal development books are full of nonsense to give you emotional fake motivation not rational practical solutions.

I find the turning point to every single one who is struggling with life is to move his buttocks from the offline world to the online world. Internet is connecting people you can use all the connected people to achieve whatever goals you have. Understand what internet marketing is. Learn how to use it in the most practical form relating it to your job or interest. Monitor your steps as if you didn’t measure it you’ll never know what you did wrong or what you did right that made what you do work. All what I’m saying is common sense people fail at it simply because getting into this means forget about this thing called comfort zone. The only comfort zone would be not being in it. So this is how I see it and we should act and learn on the same time.

My talk with Saleh ended here at least that is what I can remember during our conversation. This discussion we had really helped me out to reach into new sciences and understanding communities. He made his new blog I recommend to follow his writings http://salehalarabi.blogspot.com . I simply love this guy for the way he thinks hope to meet others like him soon.

Angela Davis
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