Focus Aggression Combatives Training Launches (R.I.S.T) Realistic Intensity Scenario Training

(R.I.S.T) is 24 Hours of Adrenaline Survival Skills for the Worst –Case Scenarios.
LOS ANGELES - March 20, 2014 - PRLog -- Los Angeles, CA:  Focus Aggression Combatives Training is offering a Reality Based Scenario Training course Head Instructor Reggie Jones, is a Combatives hand to hand combat expert, Marine Combat Vet of 13 years and has 16 years at the Federal Bureau of Prison. He has over 20 years of hand on experience in dealing with violence.

(R.I.S.T) is not a martial art or mix martial art; it is scenario training to mimic a street attack. It teaches student how stress affects their body and how to control it. This program does not pull any punches  when it talks about violence. The students are made to fight for a length time that challenges there will to survive. Stress induced training is one of the best way to learn how to defend yourself in a violent situation. Reggie Jones has been in numerous violent and stressful situations and has learned that only basic motor skills will work when you are in the flight or fight mode.

Reggie explains that duress scenarios has the  benefit of accustoming you the reality that you will lose fine motor skills, suffer from tunnel vision and experience a time slowdown. But also you can change it with scenario training

For more information about interviews and seminars with Reggie Jones, please contact him at are call (213) 505-4400.

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