Principal Marketing, Inc. Continues Expansion with New Offices and Promotions

GLEN ELLYN, ILLINOIS – Principal Marketing, Inc., the in-person direct marketing firm representing consumer brands, is setting ambitious plans for expansion in 2014, as the company moves to open new office.
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GLEN ELLYN, Ill. - March 3, 2014 - PRLog -- The company, which specializes in orchestrating person-to-person direct marketing campaigns, opened a new office on January 29th, which is being led by Tyshawn after his impressive performance over a number of months as part of the Principal Marketing, Inc. team. As the company’s CEO explained, “I just knew that Tyshawn was meant for great success. He demonstrated great leadership qualities and was a true mentor to his team members.”

Taking three client representatives with him, Tyshawn was chosen to head up the new office because of his skills and personal attributes, which make him highly suited to the role. While the office remains in its infancy, Tyshawn and his team are already pioneering new client relationships, with a target to set up three new campaigns over the next month or so, as the company continues to service a growing roster of clients.

According to Tyshawn, the opportunity to start up a business, and to be recognized for the hard work and determination he has exhibited over his time with Principal Marketing, Inc., make it an extremely motivational career move. “Being the owner of my own business is a key part of why I joined this company in the first place, and I’m already experiencing the range of challenges this role can deliver. I’m thrilled to finally have the opportunity to show what I can do, and I couldn’t have succeeded without the help, support and mentorship of my team mates around me.”

Principal Marketing, Inc. takes a hands-on approach to training new talent. New business owners, like Tyshawn, are promoted from within the ranks of the team, allowing for the hardest working, most talented team members to rise to the top. In his post, Tyshawn will be expected to handle a range of new responsibilities in keeping with the goals and objectives of his team. Principal Marketing, Inc. business owners are tasked with territory management, overseeing up to 15 sites, including all the training, HR and campaign management that goes with that. In addition to finding clients, establishing and nurturing relationships, and creating the most effective campaigns client-side, Tyshawn is also expected to oversee the recruitment, training and development process, helping to shore up the next generation of business leaders in the process.

In keeping with the Principal Marketing, Inc. Management Training Program, all new team members are given the chance to learn new skills, to practice their talents, and to develop into senior business leaders. While not every team member will graduate the program into a senior role, the course is designed to give the most driven and ambitious individuals the tools and experiences they need to step up to more responsibility.

Principal Marketing, Inc. Promotions for Growth

Alongside Tyshawn’s promotion to head up a new office, Principal Marketing, Inc. is expecting to promote another four team members to Corporate Trainer positions, where they will be tasked with the responsibility of coaching new team members and ensuring cross-team compliance with campaign strategy, ethos and objectives. While the promotions have yet to be finalized, the company is expecting to hire those who have shown the most aptitude and application over their service with Principal Marketing, Inc.

According to one team member currently in the running for a promotion, the opportunities for personal and career growth make Principal Marketing, Inc. a particularly attractive place to work. “I was looking to find a position somewhere that would reward me for my hard work, while providing the opportunity to grow and develop as an individual. Before working here, I was a sales associate at a regional department store. I enjoyed the work, but there was no prospect of moving forward in my career. That’s why I chose to apply to Principal Marketing, Inc., and the rest is history.”

One of the reasons Principal Marketing, Inc. has been so effective in scaling their team comes down to the training processes in place. The company’s Management Training Program was created to guide candidates through the knowledge, skills and experiences they need to successfully lead and build a team, and a business of their own. By focusing on high-quality, entrepreneurial training, covering an array of business skills and disciplines, the program takes new team members and assumes no knowledge, right up to the point where they have the skills and understanding to run a firm on their own. The program generally lasts for six to ten months, during which time candidates are supported and mentored throughout their learning. Once the training is complete, the most effective team members may be eligible for a promotion to a more senior position within the company.

According to a spokesperson for Principal Marketing, Inc., the training program, coupled with a student mentality that runs throughout the company, was central to their ongoing success. “As a business, we’re only able to grow with the resources we have, including the talented individuals necessary to drive our team forward. Through rigorous training, and a hands-on approach that ensures every team member is given the chance to excel, we are able to consistently produce some of the best professionals in the industry. This helps out our team and our clients, but also works wonders for the individual and their career prospects moving forward.”

About Principal Marketing, Inc.

Principal Marketing, Inc. is a face-to-face direct marketing firm, helping consumer brands reach out to new customers across the region. With a track record for highly effective campaigns, the team is continuing to expand across new territories, as they hire the next wave of brand ambassadors and future business leaders. With swelling client books, and ongoing demand for these services right across the US, the company is eyeing ongoing expansion over 2014 and beyond.

This expansion is only possible as a result of the high quality team in place at Principal Marketing, Inc. By working with raw talent, and providing the training and development opportunities to transform new team members into fully-fledged business leaders, the company has a demonstrable system for getting the most out of those who join their team. At the same time, these individuals benefit from unparalleled career growth and training opportunities.

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