Make March a Lucky Month – Nickel-Free Living is Easy with NoNickel!

Whether it’s your winning streak in March Madness brackets or relying on St. Patrick’s Day superstitions, NoNickel wants to remind you that you don’t need LUCK to be rid of nickel allergy problems.
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Lucky in Lime Hypoallergenic Earrings
Lucky in Lime Hypoallergenic Earrings
HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. - March 7, 2014 - PRLog -- Buying nickel-free products is not only easy with online shopping at, it also can be educational, fashionable, and fun.  A primary goal of the staff at is to educate customers on how to buy products that are truly nickel-free.

Frustration is growing with the claims by some companies who falsely advertise nickel-free products. At NoNickel, each product is batch-tested on site to assure the product will never test positive for nickel and will not cause any nickel allergy reaction. By testing the products, NoNickel is confident in their guarantee to customers who respond with gratitude for finally locating Certified Nickel Free™ products that can be trusted.

NoNickel offers a large and growing selection of nickel-free belts and rings along with hypoallergenic watches and earrings.  One of their most popular products is Nickel Solution – a kit designed to test for nickel then protect the skin from that nickel. NoNickel owners consider this kit to be an essential building block for successful nickel avoidance.

The number of handcrafted, genuine leather belts offered by this vendor has been increasing significantly over the past year.  Owner Michael Dow realized the need for durable nickel-free leather belts and buckles, then began working with regional leather craftsmen to design and create great-looking belt straps paired with nickel-free buckles.  Educating the public on types of leather and types of nickel-free metals has also been important for this organization and is a focus of their website.

While some customers are seeking supple and comfortable casual belts such as the New River Black Belt crafted from full-grain leather, others have need for professional wear such as the polished top-grain leather of the Elk Knob Brown Belt.  For customers with metal allergy woes; titanium is the recommended belt buckle. When paired with a sturdy leather strap, the strong but lightweight titanium buckle creates a long-lasting belt.

The newest addition to the titanium collection is the  Mt. Pisgah Casual Titanium Belt in Russet.  The unaltered full-grain leather assures that this durable belt is one-of-a-kind with unique coloration and markings. Learning which type of leather and metal would be the right buy for customers is easy, as the “Info” tab on the NoNickel website directs customers to the perfect choice through detailed information and examples.

NoNickel has also expanded their hypoallergenic earring and watch selection.  Many of the earring choices are handcrafted by a regional jewelry artist.  Some of the earring styles are sterling silver, offering classic designs in a nickel-free metal.  There are several watches for men and women currently available, with plans to offer a new line in the near future.  The watches and many of the earrings are made of stainless steel and are tested to receive the guarantee of being Certified Nickel Safe.  The reason for this change in terminology is that stainless steel is made with some amount of nickel.  However, if correctly manufactured the nickel ions will be so tightly bound that they will never leach out to cause a nickel allergy reaction.

Once again, the testing process by NoNickel assures that these products are safe to wear for anyone with nickel allergy.  A popular watch has recently been re-introduced to the NoNickel line, the Stainless Steel Watch with Blue Dial has received great reviews for being nickel-rash free and great-looking.  Being on time is important during this busy month, Daylight Savings Time begins for many on March 9th!

No matter how the month of March began, it can go out as gentle as a lamb with nickel-free products that are easy on the skin!


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