Dr. William Frazier Offers the Facetime Facelift for Unhappy iPhone and Skype Users

As iPhone usage and video chat increases, the most common complaint among users is an unsightly heaviness and fullness of the face, chin and neck. Looking down into a screen or phone while video conferencing or FaceTime chatting can add years to one's appearance which can be improved with cosmetic surgery. Dr. William Frazier of Vero Cosmetic and Medispa offers a Facetime Lift to alleviate this very modern cosmetic issue.
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Facetime Facelift - Dr William Frazier
Facetime Facelift - Dr William Frazier
VERO BEACH, Fla. - Feb. 28, 2014 - PRLog -- Study shows that there are more than a staggering 1,484,232,448 (more than 1 billion) iPhone users in the world, and this number is growing faster in sales over any other smartphone device. About 25% of the world's population use an iPhone with more than half of the US population purchasing the device in 2013 (that's including all iphone generations).

One of the iPhone's most popular native appications is the Facetime app which allows any two people with an iPhone to video conference or video chat using the camera within the phone. An unforeseen complaint that has also grown in number nearly as fast as the device's sales is how fat or flabby the users face and neck can appear during Facetime.

In October 2013, Allure magazine published an article entitled "Is FaceTime the Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Faces?" where it was reported in The New York Times that over 20,000 Americans got chin implants in 2011, a 71% increase from the previous year right after FaceTime was released. Although likely not a coincidence, where there is a problem with human aesthetics, cosmetic surgery has always provided a solution.

Dr William H. Frazier, FACS is a Yale-trained, experienced cosmetic surgeon who has been practicing in Vero Beach, Florida and the Treasure Coast for over 25 years. He has recently seen modern technology's direct impact on the demand for specific cosmetic surgical procedures - namely facelift surgery.


He explained in a video posted on his YouTube Channel, "You know when you're on Facetime, you're looking down into a screen, usually in your hand but when you look down it changes the way your face looks. We're talking to family and business associates and different people literally all around the world but we're looking down into the screen. So when we do that the skin of our lower face and neck gathers and it creates this looseness and a more aged and less healthy appearance. Well there's a way that you can deal with that surgically and that is called a mini-facelift or what I would call a Facetime Lift."

He went on to say, "Because what we're doing is tighenting the skin along the jawline and the upper neck. It's a small incision around the ear. It's done with local anesthesia and sedation. It's very straightforward and simple and yet it takes up that slack of skin that we see when we look down but interestingly you don't see when you're looking up."

The Facetime Lift from Dr. William Frazier at Vero Cosmetic  freshens the appearance of the face by lightening the nasal labial folds between the nose and mouth (often called "marionette lines") and elevating the jowels at the chin line. This procedure has a relatively quick recovery time and the man or woman who has this procedure can be back out in public much faster. The result of this "mini facelift" is smoother skin in the lower portion of the face and a well-rested, younger look.

Surgery Location and Anesthesia:

Procedures are typically performed at the office based surgery suite located at 1255 37th Street, Ste. D, Vero Beach, FL 32960. It is accredited through the State of Florida Department of Health/Board of Medicine. There are a variety anesthetics used in accordance with the patient's needs and procedure type. Those most commonly used are IV sedation, oral anesthesia and local anesthetics. Dr. Frazier always discusses what is most appropriate for the patient's procedure with each consultation. The practice accepts CareCredit and credit cards for cosmetic treatments as well as medical insurance when applicable.

About William H. Frazier MD
Dr William H. Frazier, FACS is Yale-trained, experienced and trusted for over 25 years experience in Vero Beach and the Treasure Coast in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery of the face, body and hands. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and several other professional societies.

Visit his website to learn more about the Facetime Lift at http://verocosmetic.com/mini-facelift/mini-facelift

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