U Mass Amherst Gets Nit-Picky with Newburyport Lice Removal Service

Nitty Bitty Critter, Head Lice Removal Participates in National Lice study
NEWBURYPORT, Mass. - Feb. 26, 2014 - PRLog -- February 26, Newburyport, MA: Nitty Bitty Critter, Head Lice Removal of Newburyport has joined in a study, recently launched by John M. Clark, Ph.D., Director of The Massachusetts Pesticide Analysis Laboratory (MPAL), at U Mass Amherst. The study’s objective is to research head louse DNA and determine this parasite’s resistance to popular lice treatments such as Nix and Rid.

According to Clark’s project description, “Expansion of the kdr Allelle Frequency Map from Human Head Louse Populations within the USA”, pediculosis, caused by human head lice, is one of the most common infestations of humans in the world. A population genotyping method called quantitative sequencing (QS), will be used to determine knock down resistance, (kdr), frequencies. The goal of the study is to generate a data set that includes resistance frequency information from 150 collection sites across all 48 continental US states, and to develop efficient strategies for resistance management.

Karen Vaughn, Owner of Nitty Bitty Critter, hopes her participation will help towards finding more effective solutions in the management of lice infestation. “Generally, people find head lice extremely overwhelming. In an effort to treat the problem, well-meaning care-givers unwittingly misuse pediculicides (such as the popular product Nix), without understanding the potential side effects. This happens more often than not.” said Vaughn. Nitty Bitty Critter’s method of head lice removal uses no pesticides or chemicals.

Vaughn is seeking additional participants for her contribution to the study. For further information contact Nitty Bitty Critter Head Lice Removal at 978-491-9563 or e-mail Karen@NittyBittyCritter.com

Nitty Bitty Critter Head Lice Removal Service

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