Wednesday, February 26 2014 on The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show with Rob McConnell

Join Rob McConnell on this edition of The 'X' Zone and his guests : James Rollins, Seila Powell, Ed Craft, LA Marzulli, Dr Kevin Orlin Johnson, Mitch Battros, John Jay Harper, and Dita Wegman.
Rob McConnell
Rob McConnell
HAMILTON, Ontario - Feb. 26, 2014 - PRLog -- To Listen To These Segments  Go To

2014-02-26 Segment 1 - JAMES ROLLINS - The Last Oracle - What if you could bio-engineer the next great world prophet: scientifically produce the next Buddha, the next Muhammad, or even the next Jesus? Would it mark the Second Coming or initiate a chain reaction with disastrous consequences? Like Us On Facebook at

2014-02-26 Segment 2 - SHELIA POWELL - Psychic, Medium, Paranormal Investigator - Fresh off of filming an episode of The Travel Channels "Ghost Adventures" , she is looking forward to doing so many new things and having many new adventures! I am Shelia is the 1st psychic that the guys from "Ghost Adventures" (which used to be on the Sci-Fi channel) have ever used. Like Us On Facebook at

2014-02-26 Segment 3 - ED CRAFT - Anomalist and UFO Researcher - Ed served in the United States Army with a Secret Clearance as a volunteer soldier with the Headquarters United Nations Joint Security Force at the Joint Security Area, Camp Kitty Hawk on the 38th parallel at Pan Mun Jom, Korea. Headquarters 8th Army Engineering Battalion, Second Division, Korea.  Like Us On Facebook at

2014-02-26 Segment 4 - LA MARZULLI - The Nephilim Trilogy - L.A. Marzulli, author, composer and researcher had no use for God after the age of 13, when he stopped attending the Catholic church of his parents. When he was 18, his 16-year-old girlfriend was killed in an accident. Deeply affected by this, he felt there was no God whatsoever. To ease the pain, he sought relief from many sources including drugs. By the age of 21, Marzulli moved into an ashram. Though he'd left the church, he found himself drawn to other spiritual expressions, especially the New Age movement. His fascination with unusual phenomena drew him deeper and deeper into the supernatural and occultist world. Like Us On Facebook at

2014-02-26 Segment 5 - DR. KEVIN ORLIN JOHNSON, PH.D. - The SeedTime Project - The "Hybrid Revolution" of the early twentieth century brought improved seeds to America's farms, increasing yields as much as a hundred fold, ensuring abundance and security from that day to this. But those ample yields were so exciting that America's farmers and gardeners forgot about the older, open-pollinated seeds that they'd saved and planted out, year after year, century after century. Like Us On Facebook at

2014-02-26 Segment 6 - MITCH BATTROS - Earth Changes - Earthquakes and Solar Cycle 24 - Mitch Battros began production of his syndicated television show "Earth Changes TV" in 1995. In November 2002, he switched to radio broadcasting and presents a "live" one hour broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 PM to 10 PM (Pacific). This show can be reached from anywhere in the world via the internet. "A Moment of Clarity"  Like Us On Facebook at

2014-02-26 Segment 7 - JOHN JAY HARPER - The Stories Behind Planet-X and Prepare for the Worst, Because Solar Storms Are About to Get Ugly - Every 11 years or so, the sun gets a little pissy. It breaks out in a rash of planet-sized sunspots that spew superhot gas, hurling clouds of electrons, protons, and heavier ions toward Earth at nearly the speed of light. These solar windstorms have been known to knock out power grids and TV broadcasts, and our growing reliance on space-based technology makes us more vulnerable than ever to their effects. On January 3, scientists discovered a reverse-polarity sunspot, signaling the start of a new cycle - and some are predicting that at its peak (in about four years) things are gonna get nasty. Here's a forecast for 2012. Detours - Clumps of ions in the atmosphere could interfere with GPS. Satellite signals are slowed by bumping into particles, meaning your trusty navigator may lose its way. Like Us On Facebook at

2014-02-26 Segment 8 - DITA WEGMAN - Nostradamus's Dream Book - Dita is a long-time searcher of the Truth who has diligently studied and experienced Nostradamus' knowledge concerning the power of the stars, came into the possession of the prophet's only dream book in a mysterious manner. This edition of Nostradamus' Dream Book (1928) was the last one in existence.  Like Us On Facebook at

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