Ukraine Gave Up Nuclear Weapons for Guarantees of National Security by USA, UK and Russia

When it became independent in 1991 Ukraine had the third largest nuclear weapons arsenal in the world with more weapons than China, France and UK combined. It gave up all of the weapons in return for security guarantees by Russia, UK and USA
E-Title Cover for the Forthcoming Nuclear Blackmail Fiction  E-Book
E-Title Cover for the Forthcoming Nuclear Blackmail Fiction E-Book
SARASOTA, Fla. - March 6, 2014 - PRLog -- Recent invasion of the Crimea by the Russians puts an end to the belief of many states in guarantees of security extended by nuclear powers. It also encourages other countries, insurgency groups, and terrorists to acquire nuclear weapons with which to practice nuclear blackmail. Ukraine gave up strategic bombers, ICBM's, and cruise missiles with atomic warheads and lost its nuclear status in 1996. Belarus and Kazachstan were also denuclearized in a similar fashion.

    Florida author Bohdan O. Szuprowicz is exploiting this concept in a new political thriller "Nuclear Republic of Chiapas" which will be published on Amazon Kindle in the near future. He is also the author of other E-Books some of which deal with nuclear matters and stories

    Obama foreign policy underscores human rights which encourages unrest among oppressed minorities. They believe in diplomatic solutions and have no apetite for military means. It is unbelievable that Obama administration thinks it can convince Iran to abandon development of nuclear weapons. It has not been able to stop nuclear North Korea, which is a pipsqueek nation by comparison. It clearly has no chance in persuading Russia to abandon its objectives in Ukraine.

    For all we know Iran may be collaborating with North Korea in testing nuclear weapons and no one can do much about it. Iranian Revolutionary Guard is in charge of an organization, which manages nuclear weapons development and is able to operate throughout the world spreading nuclear weapons know-how and materials. It can easily conceive and implement nuclear terror blackmail projects in third countries while Iran negotiates to gain more time with USA and the United Nations.

    Whatever happens we must take steps  to survive nuclear terror attacks from unknown quarters, or nuclear terror blackmail by means of smuggled nuclear weapons or flown over by private drones accross our borders.

    The administration has a secret Continuity of Government survival program in Washington. Introduction of martial law follows when a second nuclear explosion takes place, but the common people are not protected in any way. As a result we are developing a "Continuity of Business Under Nuclear Terror Conditions" E-Guide which will be published later on Amazon Kindle for use on a variety of mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and PC's.

Nuclear Terror Geopolitics Research

21st Century Research has been researching nuclear weapons, materials and know-how proliferation around the world for years. As a result we already published several E-Titles dealing with this increasingly important topic. Links below will provide additional details about those projects.




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     Bohdan O. Szuprowicz, President of 21st Century Research, arrived in the Unites States soon after the Russians launched the Sputnik satellite in 1957. He was recruited by Boeing in Seattle as an engineer and later he joined General Dynamics and IBM, whence he moved to the Center for Economic and Industrial Research Inc. headquartered in Washington DC. He began writing articles about progress of automation in many industries and became the editor of High Technology West, a subsidiary of the newspaper California Business in Los Angeles. This was followed by a round-the-world trip to evaluate computerization in many countries of Africa, Australasia and Europe and included a special visit to Vietnam to observe use of information technology under wartime conditions.

     He founded the 21st Century Research consultancy in 1974 and collaborated with Chase Manhattan Bank in setting up a market research operation to evaluate opportunities in China, the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. He traveled frequently to those areas and crossed Checkpoint Charlie to East Berlin on several occasions. He also toured South Africa to observe apartheid environments and met with independence fighters in Namibia. His work on network planning earned him an invitation to present it at the International Symposium on Operations Research for Developing Countries in Paris.

     As a result of his experiences and research into global geopolitics, he published “Doing Business with People’s Republic of China” and “How to Avoid Strategic Materials Shortages” with John Wiley & Sons, as well as “How to Invest in Strategic Metals” with St. Martin’s Press. He also published “Multimedia Networking” with McGraw-Hill, which included Japanese and Korean editions and “Multimedia Tools for Managers” developed for AMACOM. Szuprowicz also collaborated for several years with Computer Technology Research, and published 15 corporate reports about search engines,  multimedia, Internet marketing, and various networking technologies.

     He also published hundreds of articles in many countries in journals such as Les Affaires, Atlanta Constitution, Australian Financial News, Barron’s Weekly, Bull & Bear, Business South Africa, California Business, Canadian Business, China Business Review, Christian Science Monitor, Computerworld, Denver Post, Dun’s Review, Eurofinance, Financial Post, Investment Dealers Digest, IPO Reporter, Japan Economic Journal, National Investment & Finance of India, Newsday, Newsweek International, New Scientist, Oficinas, Polish Daily, Singapore Times, Skrzydlata Polska, Usine Nouvelle, Wall Street Microinvestor, Wall Street Transcript, ZeroUno and many others.

     Szuprowicz is an active member of the British Schools and Universities Club, the Schiehallion Club of Kinloch Rannoch, Republican Club of South Sarasota County, National Rifle Association, Sarasota Fiction Writers, Sarasota Authors Connection, Sarasota Writers Forum, Sarasota Camera Club, Sarasota PC Users Group, and was previously a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

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