Men and Women Turning to HRT In An Effort To Restore Lost Hair or Halt Hair Loss Organically

How a small mom and pop skin care company is competing with the global giants to help men and women suffering hair loss
By: My Skin's Friend
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FRANKLIN, Tenn. - Feb. 20, 2014 - PRLog -- (Nashville, TN)- When the lead formulator of a small company began losing his hair, he turned his skill at formulating natural, organic skin care products towards identifying a chemical-free, drug-free method for helping himself and the millions of other men and women worldwide with the same problem.

Did we discover the Follicle Fountain of Youth?

According to Robert, identifying natural, organic substances that would accomplish a complex series of steps in order to restart hair growth was a challenge. He said just getting a 100% organic shampoo to produce lather without chemicals took months but he was determined to keep trying until he found the follicle fountain of youth and from the results he and hundreds of others are getting from his discovery, he may have just done it.

Most hair loss is reversible

According to the scientific community, most forms of hair loss in men and women are considered reversible because 95% of the time the cause is due to a disruption in the hair growth cycle from that over production of DHT in the sebaceous glands attached to the hair follicle.

According to Robert, although there are products on the market that claimed to be natural and help remedy this imbalance, the plain truth was that those products could have no effect unless they contained some kind of chemical stimulant.

Everybody loses hair so why is your hair loss different?

“The average man and woman loses about 100 hairs a day. The reason we don’t notice it is that we are constantly replacing that hair loss at the same rate as we’re losing it,” said Mike Smiley, CEO of My Skin’s Friend, exclusive USA distributor of the Hair Rescue System. “We start to notice it thinning when we lose more than we’re growing until eventually, we have little or no hair left. The HRT Hair Rescue Therapy System is designed to restart the hair growing process and repopulate the head over time.”

According to Smiley, the hair raising discovery was more accidental than intentional. “The breakthrough came by performing an extraction on a combination of rare heirloom Italian vegetable seeds using a natural essential oil that contained unique fatty acid complex structures. We didn’t know whether this extraction would have any effect on hair loss or not but we felt compelled to experiment with it and see.”

These fatty acid sterol complexes were mixed with natural DHT blockers and natural hair growth stimulators and then incorporated into a proprietary liposome delivery system that delivers the nutrients deeply into the scalp to saturate the hair follicles.

Extensive studies have not yet been performed but initial tests of the HRT components show promise. Here are some fast facts.

·         Hair re-growth became visually evident even in persons experiencing late stage balding.

·         Hair loss was stopped or completely normalized as little as a few days in some cases. Results vary.

·         Scalp issues were often greatly improved even after just one application.

·         Hair thickness, strength, and body were improved within a week on average.

·         The average time to start to see hair re-growth around the edges of the balding-thinning was about 30 days.

Smiley stressed that Hair Rescue Therapy is a 3-STEP System for those who want to embark on a program to regrow lost hair or halt hair loss. “This system was designed to provide the optimum environment for restarting the growing process and helping curb the hair loss process. Anyone who is determined to recover their lost hair must understand that it will take up to six months to see significant hair growth but that stopping hair loss occurs much quicker—often in as little as a week or so.”

“Men and women who are losing hair normally see a slowing or complete cessation of that above normal hair loss in as little as a week. It all depends on the individual. Some see it sooner. Others may take a little longer but so far, everyone who has used the HRT products as directed on a consistent basis have seen results.”

So what exactly is in the HRT™ Hair Rescue Therapy System™ ?  The 3-STEP System is comprised of;

One 8 oz HRT Organic Anti-Oxidant Shampoo

Two 2 oz HRT Scalp Booster Leave In Creams

One 1 oz HRT Hair Follicle Stimulator

Smiley says the HRT™ Hair Rescue Therapy System™ is safe for all types of hair—oily, dry, or damaged. He says it is also safe for color treated hair and can even slow the fading process.

“I want to make it clear that this isn’t an overnight fix or miracle. It’s a natural and organic way to restore one’s hair over time without being exposed to drugs, dangerous chemicals or surgery.

I’m confident that anyone--man or woman, will see results using the HRT system and be able to re-grow hair with continued use.”

More information about the HRT™ Hair Rescue Therapy System™ can be found at or ordered on Amazon at

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