Make My Ex Boyfriend Want Me Again - How To

Make My Ex Boyfriend Want Me Again. Unfortunately it isn't as easy as just clicking your fingers and he will come running. You have some work to do first. That starts with understanding how the male mind works.
Make My Ex Boyfriend Want Me Again
Make My Ex Boyfriend Want Me Again
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Feb. 19, 2014 - PRLog -- Making your ex boyfriend want you again is very possible if you know what you are doing. You can't just wade in and desperately command his attention, hoping that he will start to fancy you again. This kind of strategy is way too obvious and will actually wind up making you look crazy and kind of pathetic. Instead you will have to be a lot more subtle so that he has no idea what you are trying to do.

You see, you have probably been doing a lot of the things that YOU think are attractive and will make him want you again. You have to realize that a man's mind works completely differently to a female's. If nothing that you have been doing thus far has made him bat an eyelid, this is the reason why. To be successful you will have to get into his head for a minute and work out what he wants in a girl and figure out what he can't say no to. And no, this doesn't mean that you should be offering yourself to him on a plate either. He might not be able to say no to easy sex, but it is never the basis of a lasting relationship and he will never respect you. You have to be smarter than that.

Be Careful About What You Say and Do

It is hard to remain cool and collected once your heart is broken and you are miserable. No one would expect you to paste on a fake smile and pretend that all is well. Heart breaks are a form of grief and they take time to deal with and accept. During the transition of being in a relationship and becoming single, you have a lot to deal with and so much to work out in your head. These are emotional times and you can wind up saying and doing things that you quickly regret. For this reason it is so much easier to avoid your ex boyfriend completely so that you dramatically lessen the chances of uttering words that label you as a crazed lunatic.

Biting your tongue takes a certain willpower and self control, but if you are serious about trying to make your ex boyfriend want you again, it has to be done. You can't give into your emotions and blurt things out in haste to your ex boyfriend. He will always remember the bad things in the days and weeks following the break up and this will have a huge impact on your chances of getting him back. Remember that he will be paying close attention to your behaviour after the break up to see how you take it, this also applies in the virtual realm. So stay off Facebook as he will be reading your wall just as often as you will be reading his.

Before you know it you could find yourself slipping into the role of a stalker. It might start off innocently at first. You find yourself browsing through his pics on Facebook and reading his comments on his friends' walls too. If he likes something you will start reading into it and making a mountain out of a mole hill. Things can quickly escalate out of control and you become one of those girls that you used to pity, someone who can't let go and starts to look desperate to everyone around you, especially your ex boyfriend.

You need to realise how this kind of behaviour will look to your ex boyfriend. It is easy to get caught up in your own head after the break up and only see how everything affects you. It is all too common for girls in your position to disregard his feelings and how their behaviour can impact him negatively. If you practice some self control you will be amazed at how effective it is. You will automatically respect yourself more and he will start to see you in a more attractive light. This is the key. If you can surprise your ex boyfriend about how well you are handling things he will see you as mature and more approachable. You don't want to scare him off and discourage him from making contact with you again after all. By being restrained you are keeping the lines of communication open and making him much more inclined to reach out to you again.

To kick things up a notch and get things moving in the right direction, you should try to recall how you behaved before you both got together. He was attracted to you then remember, who you were then was interesting, intriguing and attractive. You still are the same person, things just got too comfortable along the way and it could have become boring. It is easy to slip into the comfort zone and loss who you really are. By regaining your interests and becoming self confident and independent again, your ex boyfriend will sit up and take notice, wanting to be around you more.

Stay Away From Him For Now

After a break up we have a tendency to want to see our ex boyfriends, even more than we did when we were together. Sometimes the desire can be overwhelming and hard to cope with. Do not get desperate and fling yourself at him, trying to find any excuse possible to bump into him or call him on the phone. It will be glaringly obvious what you are up to and you will come across as a bunny boiler. No one wants to be seen like this by their ex boyfriend, it is demeaning and embarrassing and it could quickly spiral out of control.

You have to give yourself some time to heal after a break up and you cannot achieve this if you are still trying to surround yourself with him and contact him all the time. Taking some time to yourself is good and it heals. Not only does it give you time to process the grief of the break up, but it sparks off something in your ex boyfriend that he wasn't expecting. He will start to miss you. This is what you want to happen. If you are there all the time bugging him he will never miss you and want you again, instead he will be running in the opposite direction.

When you are out of the picture for a while he will suddenly start taking more of an interest in you and want to get in touch again. This creates mystery and interest as he will be starting to question what you are up to and who you are doing it with. His curiosity will get the better of him and he will end up reaching out to you sooner than you think. He will not have expected this to happen and it will create desire in him again. This also means staying off Facebook, you cannot be updating your wall constantly telling everyone what you are up to.

Your Next Steps - Do You Want Him Back?

These are just some of the behaviours that you should be avoiding right now. There are so many more things that will turn him off and send him running for the hills. The link below will show you what other things you should be avoiding to make him want you again.

Signs Ex Boyfriend Is Still Interested In You

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Steps To Win Back Your Ex Boyfriend

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