Invisibly Repair Swimming Pool Leaks and Cracks Underwater with AquaFlex Clear Underwater Sealant

AquaFlex Clear Underwater Sealant for swimming pools, spas and water features creates a waterproof, flexible, long-lasting seal around leaks and cracks - without draining the pool! Goes on clear and stays clear, won't yellow over time.
LONG BEACH, Calif. - Feb. 20, 2014 - PRLog -- "Stops Leaks - Saves Water" is the mantra for AquaBond's amazing new swimming pool leak repair product — AquaFlex Clear Underwater Sealant  AF-8100. Specifically formulated to work in all types of swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, fountains, waterfalls and other water features, AquaFlex creates absolutely invisible, waterproof seals around returns, drains, skimmers, jets, gutters, grates, light niches, tiles, steps, cracks and other trouble spots.

This optically clear sealant “spreads like butter” and repairs even the toughest leaks — underwater or above. It works on vertical or horizontal surfaces and adheres to almost anything. Excellent for sealing joints between dissimilar materials such as plastic and concrete or metal and grout, AquaFlex stays super flexible and highly tolerant of bending and stretching, providing reliable, long-lasting pool and spa repairs.

There is simply NOTHING like it available anywhere else!

AquaFlex is preferred by pool and spa professionals for water leak repairs in residential, commercial and municipal pools, spas and water features. Water parks and amusement parks are also finding AquaFlex by Aquabond to be the perfect water leak sealant for fast, no-mess, great looking repairs.

A high-performance, two-part polyurethane sealant, AquaFlex is cleanly, easily mixed and applied through the AquaBond system, consisting of a heavy-duty, hand-held dispensing gun, a resealable, multi-use cartridge and a static mixer tip. The adjustable tip provides control of the bead size, allowing pinpoint injection into hard-to-reach areas and eliminating waste by applying sealant only where needed. The leaking area is slightly overfilled then smoothed with a supplied, reusable nylon spreader.

AquaFlex AF-8100 Clear Underwater Sealant is only one of many great pool and spa repair products from AquaBond. It is available in complete 50ml or 400ml starter kits. Additional cartridges and static mixer tips are also available and can be purchased separately.

• Works in all types of swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, fountains, waterfalls and other water features
• Mixes, applies and cures underwater — No need to drain the pool or spa
• Crystal clear, creates an invisible, waterproof repair
• Eliminates the need for color matching
• Won't yellow over time
• Won't break down in sunlight or chlorine
• Algae and mildew resistant
• Can be applied underwater or above water
• Seals dissimilar materials - sticks to everything from grout to plastic
• Durable and long lasting
• Super flexible! Can bend and stretch and still maintain its bond
• Better than caulk because of its invisiblity, flexibility and UV resistance
• Environmentally friendly - Green product - Saves water
• An economical solution for tough pool and spa leak repair problems

AquaBond, LLC

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