"Chasing Classic Cars”- 100th episode, “Kiss A Few Frogs” premieres tonight on Velocity HD 10pm E/P

Photo courtesy Velocity HD Channel
Photo courtesy Velocity HD Channel
MANHATTAN, N.Y. - Feb. 18, 2014 - PRLog -- Originally launched in 2008 on Discovery’s HD Theater channel, and then moved to the network’s Velocity HD channel, “Chasing Classic Cars” revs towards its seventh season and celebrates with a centennial episode that premieres tonight on
Velocity HD channel at 10pm E/P.  Seen in 42 million U.S. households and as many as 100 million homes worldwide Velocity has made “Chasing Classic Cars” one of the network's flag ship programs and has become a favorite among car buffs.

It’s success is largely due to the show’s host , Wayne Carini, one of a kind hunter and master car restorer with 40 years+ in the business, Wayne buys, restores, and sells vintage rides, and makes rare finds that are top secret. Some are bought from the owners of the most exclusive and secret garages that only open their doors to Wayne.

Wayne’s love of cars began as a child working in his father’s collision repair and auto restoration shop sweeping floors for $5 a week. Under the watchful eye of his father, Wayne began his foundation of auto mechanics. When he was 9 an event cemented into his subconscious the path he would take later in his life: a ride in his first Ferrari.

Wayne went to college to become an art teacher, but ended up taking over his father’s restoration business in 1973. He named his company, F40 Motorsports after the Ferrari F40, the last model that Enzo Ferrari worked on before his death. Wayne learned the art of Ferrari restoration from his mentor Francois Sicard—a former Ferrari racing mechanic, and Luigi Chinetti Jr, who father opened the first Ferrari dealership in the United States.

When at home in Portland, Connecticut Wayne spends most of his time at his one of his three auto businesses, Carini Carozzeria, his restoration shop as he loves to restore cars to perfection. His preference is working on unrestored, original cars and chasing down the treasure. “Every time you think you’ve found the ultimate car or circumstance, there’s always another one that takes over. It’s like having Christmas every day,” said Carini.

And Wayne doesn’t take no as the last answer as he will spend years going after what he wants. At 16 he fell in love with an Italian beauty, a cream colored 1954 Hudson Italia, and spent over half his life pining for it.

It took him forty years of pestering its owners to sell it to him. Finally, after a 100+ no’s, he finally received his “YES” in 2006. This deal and the background story took notice by the NY Times and ran a story about Wayne and his beloved car he waited 40 years to buy. This article prompted Producers at Essex Television to create a show centered around Wayne and his quest to find auto treasures and a look into the elite club of car restorers and collectors. As the show continues to film in HD, there is never a shortage of discoveries to be made of rare and valuable vehicles and showing the audience never seen before or rare automobiles.

“Chasing Classic Cars captures Wayne’s daily routine of finding, chasing, purchasing, fixing, and selling classic cars. These activities and Wayne’s king type personality, is captured on film. It is just another day at the office for him while cameras roll with no script. Each episode takes the viewer on a ride with a ‘kid in a candy store’ like enthusiasm.

He deals with the elite, the famous, collectors worldwide, and has Jay Leno on speed dial. With more and more people in the world, and a limited amount of vintage cars ever made, the market is strong for what Wayne does, and will continue to be.

Every episode Wayne is chasing that classic car, and in the 100th episode, “Kiss a Few Frogs” Wayne finds a rare 1934 Lincoln KB Victoria in rural Massachusetts. It’s not unusual for Wayne to find a rare and classic automobile in barn covered with cobwebs and dust, as sometimes it is the car the owner has to hold onto to keep visitors coming over.

In the Lincoln deal, Wayne can have it, but he may or may not be stuck with 2 cars he doesn’t want, a Chrysler K car and a 1960’s Buick convertible. Seems the owner of the coveted Lincoln has a buy them all or none deal on the table.

He’s also on the trail of a Volvo 960 station wagon that received a 5.0 liter Ford V* engine from a Mustang. Paul Newman was a fan, and bought several, as was David Letterman, and Wayne thinks he may have found one of them.

“Chasing Classic Cars” is a show that everyone can appreciate, and Wayne hopes that more parents will introduce their children to the car collector hobby. He believes without young people’s involvement, the car collector tradition will disappear.

With such a large viewership of this hit show, you should make it a family affair per Wayne.

It’s cool to watch and celebrate rare vintage cars, as we try to hold onto the beauty of the past.

Creative Audio Post in Manhattan has the pleasure and privilege to mix all these shows in surround 5.1 and stereo. Not too many networks adhere to this high-end format, but Velocity is one of a few that makes no compromises to deliver its viewer the ultimate experience.


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