Affordable Reputation Management Announces Flat Rate Pricing

Affordable Reputation Management's Mike Munter
Affordable Reputation Management's Mike Munter
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PORTLAND, Ore. - Feb. 15, 2014 - PRLog -- Affordable Reputation Management has introduced flat fee pricing on it's online reputation and low volume Google autocomplete services, it was announced today.

The Portland, Oregon organization made the announcement in response to growing consumer demand for a results-based reputation management service.

"The model of charging clients on a monthly basis to work on their reputation management or low volume autocomplete campaign is outdated," says Affordable Reputation Management President Mike Munter.  "Clients don't like it because it's too open-ended."

Corporate reputation management companies who charge by the month have no incentive to wrap up your case. In fact, the longer they work for you, the longer they get paid. And once you begin a campaign, it's hard to stop.

"The problem is in the projected timelines," Munter adds, "When you call a corporate firm and ask how long it's going to take to complete the job, they give you an estimate based on their experience. But if they estimate 4 months and it winds up taking 8 months, you've just paid twice as much as you expected."

Munter says the flat fee quote addresses this situation.

"When we give a potential client a quote, the price is the price. We've got enough experience to know what it's going to cost us to clean up Google page 1, so we base our quote on that. If it winds up taking longer than we think, we're the ones to bear that cost, not the consumer."

But that's not the only advantage Affordable Reputation Management touts. They're also cheaper than many of the well-known companies who advertise on Google.

"The corporate firms have lots of overhead that goes with running a big business. That's why their prices are so high," Munter continues. "By operating from our home office, we keep prices down. I don't have to pay a salesperson to sit on the phone and handle client relations. I do that myself!"

The good news continues because Munter's company only asks for 50% payment to begin work. The other 50% is due when the job is complete.

"This is the other thing we've seen. There are a few companies who charge a huge fee up front, before work even starts. We get calls from new clients saying they feel like they've been burned because they paid $9,000 or more and did not get the result they were expecting.

"By collecting the back half of our fee when the reputation management campaign is completed, it puts us in absolute alignment with the customer - we both want to see the job get done. The client wants page one cleared off and we want to collect the rest of our fee!"

Munter thinks this new flat fee pricing for reputation management could generate more business, thereby outweighing the risks of losing money on a campaign or two.

"In the month since we've introduced this new pricing schedule, we've already doubled our inbound call volume. Sure, we might miss on our estimates on a couple deals and we'll be the ones to take it on the chin for that, but we think this is the right thing to do. We think the market will respond and the increase in business will surely outweight the potential risk of not charging recurring fees."

For a quote from Mike Munter, call 503-890-6663 or refer to the company's pricing guide at

Mike Munter

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