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If interested in teaching English in China please send your resume, cover letter and photo. If chosen I can answer all other questions then. Do know I’m continually on the lookout for jobs in China as I build and enlarge my network to thereby cover every corner of China with Christian English teachers (and thereby church planters as my game plan is to have every teacher lead a weekly Bible study). That being said if you are not chosen for the job in Tianjin, I can send you other jobs elsewhere in China (and coach you on ministry effectiveness once you are in country).

As for Tianjin (where I am teaching and seeking a replacement teacher), the school year is in session now and will be completed at the end of April but the contract is for a year (as the school will resume after a May holiday). Chinese kids go to school 50 days a year more than American kids.

I am finalizing securing a lovely two floor loft apartment on the 31st floor overlooking a huge shopping mall (so you will be right next to two massive mega-million shopping malls and two of the biggest supermarkets in China right next to your apartment with Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Movie Theatre and all the luxuries at your fingertips and the school where you will teach just a 10-15 minute taxi ride away.

As for teaching you do not have to know any Chinese. You will be provided a Chinese teaching assistant who will help you prepare and print your teaching materials. You will receive a book to teach from and guide you titled “American Ways” and a supplementary book from which your Chinese teaching assistant will make copies both for you the teacher and the students for weekly lessons and assignments.

As a former public high school teacher in the state of Florida, this is a wonderful arrangement because as a teacher in Florida in the USA I was never provided a teaching assistant. I told my teaching assistant Tracy yesterday, “Every movie has a director and an actor. You be the director providing me the script and I will be the actor, bringing the lessons to life, provide lesson plans and guide the learning.

I strategically chose the location of my apartment in Tianjin to be as comfortable and accessible as possible (a city with a population of 12 million) and an air pollution problem.

Know the people of China have covered this nation in prayer for decades and we are prophetically stepping into the fulfillment of those prayers (as Ether of old).

ACES has arrangement with the state of Washington (WA) allowing them to send Chinese high school students (prior to graduation) to attend WA Community Colleges, after which when they complete their studies they can then apply and proceed to study in American Universities. Many students have done well, improved their English substantially while living in the USA (versus just studying English for tests in China). Thus the model has proven to be effective from 6 students in 2006 (when the program launched) to nearly 2,000 students as of 2010.

I plan to write the governors of other U.S. states to ask them to consider making a similar educational arrangement with China and Chinese students to help build strategic relations with China and improve their economies (as many states in the USA are bankrupt).

People in Tianjin are said to be among the most friendly in China. I have not even been here a week yet and know something special is happening at ACES and in Tianjin.

The air quality is not like back home, but down below where people are (since the smoke rises and is more high in the sky) it smells fine to me. I've got a newborn five month old baby back home with my wife, the baby losing some weight (missing me and seemingly depressed) so I need to transition out of here (but unlike many teachers who abandon schools I want to find a Christian replacement) but want to stay in China and continue teaching and starting churches and Bible Schools (while recruiting more teachers to work with ACES a Christian organization).

Tianjin, China is about a 30 minute bullet train ride from Beijing.

Please send the cover letter and your resume if interested with a picture to both (RevivingNations@yahoo.com) and (info@PaulFDavis.com) writing in the subject of your email - Teacher for China - as sometimes I can have problems accessing my email for days (or am overwhelmed with emails and spam).

Game Plan / China Strategy (1.5 billion souls)

After having a two to three hour lunch and lengthy conversations with the director of ACES (a lively and fiery visionary) I am committed to the vision of ACES (American China Exchange Society) and want to duplicate these schools across China and then on into Asia, Europe, and the Middle East (China Strategy +).

Although the Christian director of ACES (a Duke University graduate and MBA) is focused primarily on birthing and launching English schools, I see these also as a means of church planting and covertly accessing all of China. It's a God given model of church planting covertly through language and cultural exchange ...an answer to prayer and dream come true for those willing to brave the unknown and co-create with God what Jesus envisioned when He was crucified and travailed for the souls of mankind (Isaiah 53:10-11; Hebrews 2:10).

It's still in the development stages but God is bringing it all together nicely building on the years of labor of the faithful Christians at ACES (American China Exchange Society) who have gone before us. Now we must do our part and facilitate a national model the Chinese can embrace, run with and duplicate.

I trust the Victory Bible College (Tulsa, OK) curriculum will greatly assist us in the launching of new schools (as many provinces throughout China have more than 100 million people). Beijing alone has 20 million souls.

As for church planting (many churches are not officially registered so as to avoid being controlled). Church planting will evolve and must be led by the Holy Spirit in each region as the messages needing to be taught and preached will vary, but all shall be Christ centered and grounded (grace, faith, repentance, salvation, baptism, renewal, the Holy Spirit, the heart of God the Father, sanctification, transformation, purpose, heavenly calling, personal power, living victoriously, discipleship, leadership, supernatural living and ministry). God will draw people unto you both as a teacher and in the community to influence, impact and lovingly guide spiritually onward into the arms of Christ.

Blessings and breakthroughs!

Paul F. Davis - Worldwide Minister and Christian Author of more than 20 Books who has touched 70 Countries across the globe.

(RevivingNations@yahoo.com) and (info@PaulFDavis.com)

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