Say I Love You With a Non GMO or Vegan Valentine's Day Gift

Since soy lecithin and sugar is in almost all milk chocolate, and corn syrup, sugar beets and soy are all made from almost 100% GMO ingredients, the only way to avoid is to buy organic products. Organic choices deliver superior taste and quality.
Say I Love You on Valentines With Organic Candy and Bouquets
Say I Love You on Valentines With Organic Candy and Bouquets
Feb. 12, 2014 - PRLog -- Valentines Day gives us a chance to tell those special people in our lives just how much they mean to us.  Many people choose to say “I love you” with candy and flowers.

For those that have become aware of the changes that have happened with conventional food, buying products that contain genetically modified ingredients and pesticides may not be acceptable.

Dr. Michael Hansen, Senior Scientist Consumer Reports, has warned listeners on the Smart Health Talk Radio Show that glyphosates, like in Round Up Ready pesticide is the #1 cause of birth defects and lowering IQ in our children.

In 2011 the University of California at San Francisco published a report concluding that 99% of pregnant women in US test positive for multiple chemicals including banned ones.

It would make sense there is no reason to expose a fetus, child, or other loved one to the risks associated with the ingestion into our body of a highly toxic substance.

Many feel they can wash the poison away, but this is not the case since the pesticide is in also in the soil and is transported into plant cells.

According to another Smart Health Talk guest Leah Zerbe, Rodale Press, research is showing that any cell coming in contact with even a tiny amount of pesticide permanent cell damage is experienced because that is what the pesticide is designed to do, kill cells.

With over 80,000 chemicals approved for use in food, we have to wonder how well they have been tested, and what the chemical cocktails we are consuming do to our short and long-term health.

Leah explained that another disruptive action within our bodies that pesticides do when ingested is turn switches on and off that should not be turned on and off.  This is turn causes a disruption in our system and things that are supposed to happen are not and other things that should not be happening are being forced.  One system that is extremely vulnerable is hormones.

Many pesticides are neurotoxins and why they lower IQ in our children as the poison passes through the placenta and attacks brain cells even before the child is born.  How fair is that to cripple our children before they are even born?

Luckily now more than ever there are incredible organic candy and even flower choices.  Because organic companies operate on lower profit margins due to higher cost of ingredients, they don’t have big marketing budgets to reach new customers.  It is up to people to seek out these choices and learn about new companies and products.

Not a problem since Smart Heath Talk has used their many years of experience with these products to put together a collection of our favorite products including the traditional Valentine candy gift sets, to all kinds of other chocolate choices along with a section for hard candies, chewies, and gummies that will also bring sweet pleasure and can be the perfect special gift for less than $5.00.   Mix them up and make a special Valentine gift basket based on your Valentines favorite sweet treats.

From all of the taste tests we have conducted with these products, one thing that is evident, people are wowed by the taste first and the ingredients second.  Giving organic candy is one the cheapest ways to buy one the biggest thrills in life……to experience the best quality chocolate and gummies ever.  The cost of organic chocolate above that of a conventional product is so low compared to what you get in return, it could be called, “The ultimate cheap thrill.”

So many people want to find new ways to say “I love you” and wish there was more time to give back and make the world a better place.  Few think how buying organic products achieves all of that and more.

Double the pleasure since you not only get to watch a person you love experience the ultimate chocolate, but get to support organic farmers, ensure fair trade practices followed so low income farmers in other countries can receive a “fair price” for their products and provide their families with the basics of life.

An organic bouquet is safe enough to eat, but can also be transformed into a beauty bath with rose petals or a potpourri to make a drawer smell better.

Go to our website homepage to watch a video that tracked a family that put organic to the test.  Children were fed either an all-organic or conventional diet and had the pesticide levels in their urine tested along the way.  The results confirmed Emory University researcher Dr. Alex Lu’s 2006 published research that showed a high concentration of pesticide in urine when children where on the conventional diet and barely detectable levels on the organic diet with levels dropping in a 24 hour period.  The amount of pesticide concentration was an eye opener for that mom.

Safe pesticide limits for children has NEVER established even though they eat more food per pound of body weight and are more vulnerable since growing/dividing cells.  The legal limits are for an adult male only.  There is no guarantee that farmers strictly follow directions.

After you go to, look until the “Resources” tab to find our Valentine treat suggestions.  This is one of those things you never come back and say, “I wish I would not have spent that little bit extra on organic.”  We should warn you that since the taste is so incredible when you have quality, non chemical, “real” ingredients, you may never want to go back to conventional.

Tune in this Thursday, February 13th at 4:00 pm PST to find out more about why supporting organic is a good idea and join us as we taste test some of our other favorites on the air.  Next week on February 20th Leah Zerbe, Rodale Press will join us to dispel GMO myths.  You can tune in from anywhere in the world by going to if you have the internet or call 832-999-1050 to listen on your phone.

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