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MONROVIA, Liberia - Feb. 11, 2014 - PRLog -- The Chief Executive and Technical Officer (CE&TO) of NeoIP Liberia, Mr. Alkina Phillips presented his company’s latest “Africa Broadband VoIP Telephone Service” for valued clients across Liberia as well as other Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).  The new Africa Broadband Telephone Service uses advanced high compression VoIP technology using minimum bandwidth capacity for each inbound and outbound call.  The new service allows African Clients/Subscribers to have their own international phone line with an “Out of Country” phone number on either their Smart Mobile phone, 3G/4G Internet connection (Modem or Router) or Fixed WLAN/ISP connection.

Mr. Alkina Phillips stated confidently, “My company’s new Africa Broadband VoIP Telephone Service greatly stimulates new growth opportunities for small operators in the ISP space and allows new sales growth opportunities for GSM Operators whose mobile broadband networks we will operate on.”  The new service offers clear voice calls and is fully integrated to the EZCall-EZTalk Next Generation VoIP Switch deployed in New York connected to over 20Mbps of public Internet and over 10 Voice Carrier companies.   Mr. Alkina Phillips stressed, “This is a major win-win for both EZCall N NeoIP and the African Mobile Operators since this creates new demand for internet capacity and it will increase demand for smart phones and lead to increase in sales of the recharge cards.  I know some will not be happy that our EZCall-EZTalk service will offer cheaper international calling rates way below the Operators’ rates but the net gain for the operators is big and everybody gets something out of this advanced VoIP Telecom Network and Service. Everybody wins across the African Telecoms Market and we all get connected better, faster and easier and we make use of the available technology that is now connecting all of us for a better world.”

As a Liberian and USA based company seeking a regional and continent wide reach as well as actively participating in Africa’s rapidly emerging VoIP telecom market through its rapid growth of new broadband Internet connections, there is great excitement for NeoIP and EZCall-EZTalk.  There are three (3) major variables that have turned Africa into a major new market for NeoIP N EZCall USA new Africa Broadband VoIP Telephone service and they are (1) newly deployed submarine fiber connections between the continent and Europe, (2) the radip deployment and expansion of 3G/4G mobile broadband networks, (3) high sales of smart phones and devices and (4) the high and rapid expansion and use of social media especially Facebook.  These four (4) factors present major new growth opportunities for Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) and extending the proven EZCall-EZTalk Re-Seller & Agent business model from the USA to Africa is easier now than ever before.  The potential is huge and it is rapidly growing daily when one considers how aggressively the competition is between the African Mobile Operators in each country.  This aggressive in-country competition for the sale of Voice and Data Services effectively translates into major advantages for ITSP companies and African mobile subscribers with Smart Phone and devices.

Mr. Alkina Phillips stressed “This is a great time for our company and the new integrated solutions we are rolling out into the African market in 2014 will change things forever. We are breaking down barriers, changing the way people make international calls and building a network for the future using the power of the Internet to connect everybody.  We are creating new business opportunities with those who cannot make the multi-million dollar investments into their respective African telecom markets to build their own networks.  We are creating new telecom business opportunities for local Agents and Distributors of Scratch/TopUp Cards with the reselling of our own TopUp/Scratch Card product with cheaper international calling rates using our new web-based Agent Reseller Portal. We are creating and integrating every step of the way with Africa Mobile Money systems for the sale of our services to all parts of the continent. This is a revolution and we will be successful because the desire is there, the commitment is there and the consumer demand is there from the millions of Smart Phone and Smart Device Subscribers across Africa.”

The Africa Broadband VoIP Telephone Service works on all smart phones and devices with the simple download of the “Smart App” and the purchase of the Recharge/TopUp Card and “Enter” the PIN Number. The process is fast, simple and easy to navigate for the Subscriber.  Inbound calls to subscribers in Africa are transited through our USA Number making calls to our network cheaper will save the customers both in Africa and around the world.  Most importantly, customers in the USA and Europe can purchase Airtime Credits for their relatives in Africa.  Small telecom businesses and independent operators across Africa are greatly encouraged to make direct contact with NeoIP Liberia and its USA parent company EZCall N NeoIP to explore reseller and in-country agent opportunities for this new service.


NeoIP is a Licensed Network Operator Company for VSAT, VoIP Telecom and WISP Services in Liberia that is owned and operated by Mr. Alkina Phillips and has been in operations since 2004 and EZCall N NeoIP USA is the North American parent company based in Houston, Texas and provides integrated Retail VoIP services to over 100,000 African subscribers through over 100 Retail Agents across the USA and Canada through its advanced Next Generation VoIP Switch.  NeoIP Liberia provides Internet on VSAT Services to a wide range of customers including NGO’s, Government, SME and Corporate clients across the Mano River Union countries and focuses on value added services in all areas of the ICT-Telecom market across the African Continent.  Contact Mr. Alkina Phillips CE&TO: Phone: +1 347 857 9510 / Skype: intertel_liberia / Email: /  /  and  / Facebook: Neoip-space Eng Vsat

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