Moovd Video Advertising Content Delivers Double The Clicks In MidWest Campaigns

Text driven video advertising content created with Moovd delivers engaging creative in minutes for local advertising campaigns.
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Feb. 10, 2014 - PRLog -- The final results are in and Moovd comes out on top. In a side by side test over three targeted local advertising campaigns in the US Mid-West, Moovd versions of existing video advertising spots beat the completion rates of the original and far more expensive creative by an average of 15%. And that's not all. Clickthroughs on the ads were up a staggering 100% and sometimes even more.

In a world where even lower cost ad creative can cost $1000 at a bare minimum and take days and weeks to build, the Moovd solution lets digital marketers or small businesses turn the words they type into animated text in literally seconds. Founder, Simon Gornick, sums it up. "Moovd empowers companies to build engaging ad creative for next to nothing in next to no time."

Moovd ads can be made in a moment and deployed on YouTube or other advertising networks in minutes. Suddenly advertisers can have multiple campaign spots instead of one. "A/B testing is a luxury only a few in video could afford. Now all that's changed", says Gornick. "Use Moovd to run ads for different offers or discounts. It's that easy".

Text driven video is taking off too. T-Mobile's last superbowl spot was an ad that just showed white text on a pink background. You could make virtually the same spot on Moovd. "Moving text engages because it's pure messaging, it contrasts to other video content, and has high retention and branding potential", says Gornick. "Just watch Cable these days. Moving text is everywhere. And now you can have it too!"

To make matters even better, Moovd empowers small businesses and digital marketing agencies to take total control of their video ad creative. There's no software to buy, no equipment to rent, no producers, no directors, no permits, and no food to buy for the hungry crew you have to hire. Just flip open your laptop, type, click and go.

Finally, as Facebook and other web properties roll out more video advertising, the silent auto-play approach is gathering pace in the way ads are delivered, and Moovd fits that format perfectly. As Gornick explains, "The ad starts silently and to engage with it you click on it to play it again. Moovd ads are about text - so they speak to you without sound. That can mean way more engagement."

If you’re a small business or digital marketing agency looking for video ad creative for your business or your clients – Call Moovd on 888-504-2674, or visit us at You can build and share video previews in seconds for free.

Watch our tutorial video here to see how easy it is!

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