Hatchery Feed Guide & Year Book 2014 released for free download

The Hatchery Feed Guide & Year Book 2014 has been published and is available to aquaculture hatchery managers for free download
The new guide to hatchery feeds has more entries + links to datasheets, websites
The new guide to hatchery feeds has more entries + links to datasheets, websites
KAILUA, Hawaii - Feb. 4, 2014 - PRLog -- The hatchery phase is often the limiting factor in aquaculture expansion; the development of feeds for the early stages and for broodstock is crucial in overcoming this bottleneck. The establishment of nutritional requirements of broodstock and larvae has made enormous strides in recent years, and excellent manufactured feeds are now available for a number of species. Who makes these feeds and where to find them has been a problem for hatchery managers around the world. Hatcheryfeed.com, the specialist web resource from the publishers of Aquafeed.com, created a directory of feeds to help answer these questions.

The first of its kind, The Hatchery Feed Guide & Year Book was launched in 2013. Following on from the highly successful launch of the Guide, this year's edition lists more products, making it an even more valuable tool for hatchery operators.

In addition to manufactured feeds, the Guide also lists water conditioners, enrichment products and live feeds, to give hatchery managers looking for feeding solutions an indispensible resource.

The Guide is published in PDF-format, to allow users to link directly to datasheets, websites and email addresses. It is available for free download from this link: http://www.hatcheryfeed.com/hf-articles/305/

Table of Contents

•          Manufactured feeds:

o          Product listings

o          Species look up

•          Water conditioners, enrichments & additives:

o          Product listings

o          Species look up

•          R&D Services

•          Reed Mariculture Inc: hatchery feeds pioneers

•          New live food selco products from Inve Aquaculture

•          Spectrum: Skretting’s complete line of marine hatchery feeds

•          Salem Microbes

•          Zeigler Brothers

•          Glossary

•          The year in review

•          Reading Room

•          Events

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