Fusion Innovations Intensifies Career Advancement for 2014

WEST NORRITON, PA – Fusion Innovations recently returned from an inspiring Keys to Success Conference in Dallas, TX, and will be setting major goals for 2014 in motion with a young, innovative CEO leading the team.
By: Fusion Innovations
Fusion Innovations
Fusion Innovations
WEST NORRITON, Pa. - Feb. 4, 2014 - PRLog -- Fusion Innovations recently returned from the Keys to Success Conference, held in Dallas, TX. Employees were privileged to participate in strategic networking sessions and inspirational training sessions, as well as rub shoulders with the elite in business leadership.  This conference gave staff members the opportunity to view varied leadership and management styles, affording them ideas for new and unique ways to cultivate their own business management style.

This once-a-quarter event is a training trip provided by the firm for those lucky enough to be invited. Nominations come from account managers, ensuring that the best and brightest in their company are given the opportunity to train with the most inspirational leaders. Guest speakers from the top businesses in the industry are asked to speak, sharing their experiences and how they reached the top within their division. Conference creators select the most successful and knowledgeable VPs and top managers to engage with attendees. By hearing their stories of success, attendees return to their companies with eyes wide open, energized with fresh, new ideas and a revitalized passion to succeed in their entrepreneurial goals.

One Fusion Innovations attendee spoke up, “It was really eye-opening to see others just like me achieve even more than I already have. One of my colleagues is the same age as I am and she is now running her own division and earning close to half a million dollars every year. I know I can do the same.” The Keys to Success conference is about just that - teaching, training and motivating individuals to push forward and obtain goals higher than they have already set for themselves. With the attendance of this conference kept to the highest successors in their given industry, fantastic connections can be made for even further success.

According to Fusion Innovations’ CEO, Adam, “I really fell in love with the process of how to become successful, which gives me something more than just motivation. That’s why I’m so excited about giving individuals the motivation they need to keep striving by focusing on what you want to get out of the learning process and what they need to do to get there. That’s the most important part. I love my job and that’s a large part of my success.”

Fusion Innovations intends to increase the intensity and passion within each team member. Standards will be changed and motivation pursued to encourage and assist with employee promotions. “If that means I go out in the field and show how to do it the way I learned, then I’ll do it,” said Adam. Fusion Innovations plans to implement changes that inspire growth in the company, and expansion to Detroit, Connecticut and Virginia. With the new techniques in promotional and lead generation gained, this company is poised for big success in the coming year.

Stagnation and Stability Not an Option for Fusion Innovations

Today’s market doesn’t lend itself to basic stability anymore. A business must be in a constant state of growth to survive in our economy. Once a company remains stable, it begins to diminish and eventually dies. Fusion Innovations understands the value of growth, which is why they’ve chosen to establish new, high-hitting goals for the coming year. Employee growth, profit increase, loss prevention and additional revenues are all areas that this company plans to push for.

Abstract goals such as increasing profits are for last year’s businesses. A company must create defined goals that intend to accomplish a specific task. With specified goals, a plan can then be set to achieve them. Documented plans are the next step in achieving objectives that lead to growth. With the steps and actions on a goal written down, tweaks can be made to ensure maximum success of goal completion!

With these principles in mind, Fusion Innovations has set big milestones for the firm. “Our goal is to train up new leaders in our company, inspiring them with the techniques in teamwork and a love for the process of success,” said Adam.  The company’s top managers intend to visibly show their employees how success is accomplished, encouraging further success in their team. By keeping their eye on the goal of leadership development, this company will be able to keep their action steps in line, always pushing toward the end result.

Fusion Innovations’ plans for 2014 start with the goal to expand to three outside offices in Detroit, Connecticut, and Virginia, allowing this company to share their customer acquisition and direct marketing success to these areas. With a main focus on developing leaders within their company, Fusion Innovations will use the tactics and experiences gained from the Keys to Success Conference to inspire, empower and encourage their employees to work harder and love their job even more.

Recruitment is essential to their goal, and Fusion Innovations looks forward to qualified applicants in their industry. According to Adam, “We are looking for young, sports-minded individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 who work well with people and look forward to challenges with excitement. When our employees implement a campaign, they might be working with logistics, suppliers, clients, venues and so many other aspects. For this reason, it’s important for them to be able to face each challenge head-on.”

About Fusion Innovations

Fusion Innovations, Inc. is a marketing and lead generation company that incorporates a personal touch for their clients. With the ability to reach out to their customers in person, clients are able to maintain individualized campaigns geared toward specific products.  Their unique marketing and lead generation techniques provide quality leads for their clients, boosting exposure to their customer base and, in the process, ensuring a positive brand image. High quality and friendly representatives utilize their knowledge and experience as entrepreneurs to understand the unique goals of the brands they represent.

Fusion Innovations was established by Adam, a young manual laborer who quickly fell in love with the freedom of being his own boss and the opportunity to develop personally and professionally under the guidance of his mentor. Highly motivated by his family and the support they gave him throughout the process of becoming a business leader, Adam wants to help other aspiring entrepreneurs wrestle with professional development goals to make it to the top as he has.

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