Deck Expert Bill Leys to Present at JLC LIVE in Providence RI March 20, 2014

Waterproof decks are one of the top ten building components listed in Construction Defect Lawsuits. Learn to stay out of the courtroom by using Best Building Practices.
ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. - Jan. 29, 2014 - PRLog -- Central Coast Waterproofing's and's founder Bill Leys will present a two part seminar at the JLCLive Residential Construction Show  on Thursday March 20th starting at 1:30 pm

The first half of the session will discuss the construction and waterproofing of pedestrian deck systems and the second half of the session will discuss the construction of and waterproofing of tiled roof decks. Each session will be approximately 1 hour and fifteen minutes long, with time for a break and Q&A in between.

The focus of the sessions will be on-

"Construction and Waterproofing Methods for Walking Decks and Tile Covered Decks"

Rating high on the list of components claimed to have construction defects are waterproofed decks and/or tile covered waterproof decks. Sadly, all to many of those claims are true. This two part session will teach you the best construction practices needed to keep you and the deck contractor out of the court room.

The first half of the session will discuss pedestrian deck systems and the best building practices necessary to construct a well built long lasting deck assembly. You will learn

What types of pedestrian deck systems are available.
Differences between the various types of coatings and their pros and cons
How to sequence the deck waterproofing with your construction schedule.
Learn the best building practices necessary for a high quality deck system and learn how to sell best building practices to a client and separate your self from the competition.
How a waterproof deck system is installed

After a short Q & A and a break, in the second half of this session you will learn about tile roof decks and how to properly build and waterproof them for a system that will last 30+ years.

You will learn

The recommended construction methods and materials to use.

The various waterproofing systems and assemblies used to waterproof tile decks.
The methods approved for waterproofing exterior decks by Tile Council of North America.
Why the smallest details matter just as much if not more to prevent leaks.
Reduce your risk to exposure to liability.

The costs to repair failed waterproof decks is staggeringly high. By investing a little more into a better waterproofing system by a skilled installer and framing/substrate built with best practices in mind, contractors can take what they learn in these sessions and implement them into reducing their exposure to liability.

Our most recent appearance at JLC LIVE in Portland OR in December 2013 garnered high praise from the attendees-

"Well done!"

"Very good. Excellent experiences, orgaized and gave good specific recommendations."

"Solid presentation from an obviously experienced speaker. Well organized, professionally developed."

See our course offering here

About the Speaker-

Bill has sold and overseen the installation of  hundreds of thousands of square feet of waterproofing since entering the construction field 12 years ago.

Bill Leys is a Rhode Island native. Bill is a licensed waterproofing contractor in California, specializing in installing pedestrian traffic coatings to decks over living spaces. He is a JLC contributor, has written articles for many other publications and has spoken at JLCLive events as well as other national and state level events.

Mr. Leys has presented live webinars for several national organizations.  Bill also provides expert witness services in legal matters and construction disputes.

Bill Leys -


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