Market for Piezoelectric Ceramic and Polymer Devices to Almost Double in Five Years

According to a new iRAP market research study, the global market for piezoelectric ceramic, polymer and ceramic/polymer devices was estimated to have reached over U.S. $21 billion and is expected to reach $38.4 billion by 2017.
Piezoelectric.Ceramic, Polymer and Composite Devices Market Share
Piezoelectric.Ceramic, Polymer and Composite Devices Market Share
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STAMFORD, Conn. - Jan. 28, 2014 - PRLog -- According to a new market research study from Innovative Research and Products (iRAP) titled “Piezoelectric Ceramic, Polymer, and Ceramic/polymer composite Devices - Types, Materials, Applications, New Developments, Industry structure and Global Markets”, the global market for traditional piezoelectric devices is quite mature. However, the global market for new piezoelectric devices will see a robust two-digit growth rate in next five years.

The new market study identified eleven major types of piezoelectric ceramic, polymer and ceramic/polymer devices.  The current market was estimated to have reached over U.S. $21 billion and is expected to reach $38.4 billion by 2017.

New applications are emerging for piezoelectric devices, which include applications based on actuators, ultrasonic motors, sensor arrays for structural health monitoring, transformers and micro-energy harvesting devices which are an alternative to batteries in microwatt devices. Other new applications include high resolution ultrasonic medical imaging, computer disk drives, and accelerometers in mobile phones and notebooks.

Unlike other piezo devices, commercialization of piezoelectric-operated actuators and motors is likely to proceed in those markets where the specific advantages of high torque, high precision and lack of magnetic interference are particularly useful. When the costs can be lowered to competitive levels, and remaining technical problems such as frictional wear can be solved, piezoelectric motors may also become candidates in areas such as automotive accessories, where very high volume markets are possible.

Other major findings of this report are:

Among the current applications, the largest share goes to equipment for semiconductor manufacturing and testing, lab equipment, sensors and accelerators. The next biggest segment is piezo devices used in mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops and other consumer electronic equipment, where piezo devices used include six categories of devices – ultrasonic motors, piezo transformers, resonators, acoustic devices, sensors (primarily SAW sensors), and piezo generators.  This is followed by medical transducers, mini-grippers, dentist tools, ultrasonic non-destructive testing, vibration testing, welding and cleaning, telecommunication, traffic control, piezo print heads, gas ignitions and diesel injectors. Sonar for military and civil use constitutes the final segment..

Among the eleven product-type market segments, actuators have the largest share of the market, followed by ultrasonic motors, sonar, piezo sensors and accelerators, acoustic devices, and smaller shares for Langevin actuators, piezo transformers, resonators and other miscellaneous types.

New devices such as piezoelectric generators will see ywthrc the highest growth rate from 2012 to 2017. This category is followed by ceramic resonators, and miscellaneous applications (acousto-optic modulators in telecommunication engineering, vibrators, diesel/gasoline injectors and dentistry surgery tools).

Traditional devices also will see growth, including acoustic devices, actuators, Langevin actuators for welding and cleaning, sonars, transducers, gas igniters and piezo printing heads.

In 2012, Japan has the highest market share, followed by Europe, China, North America, Korea, and the rest of the world. By 2017, China is projected to occupy the top position ahead of Japan.

More details of the report are available from Innovative Research and Products (iRAP), Inc., visit or contact at Tel: 203-569-790, E-mail:

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