Hawk World’s Smallest EMCCD Camera

CHESTNUT, U.K. - Jan. 22, 2014 - PRLog -- The Hawk EMCCD camera is the smallest and most rugged EMCCD camera in the world. The Hawk offers 658x496 10µx10µ pixels providing high quality video at extremely low light levels, <200µlux, at full frame rate 25/30Hz.

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The Hawk with a choice of analogue or digital outputs, offers a resolution of 658 x 496 with frame rate of 25 / 30 Hz. It has been specifically designed for integration into imaging systems such as small EO/IR surveillance platforms. It size just, 43mm x 43mm x 57mm (including CS-mount) and weight,  < 150g. Combine this with low power,5W at 12VDC and it  open up possibilities with small UAVs and drone requirements. The interline frame transfer means that no mechal shutter is required providing a vibration-less CCD readout. No fan is required and the Hawk is operational between -20° ~ +55°. Customers can use the Pleora adaptor box to convert CameraLink to GigE data. Pleora's iPORT PT1000-CL IP Engine streams video and imaging data in real time over standard GigE connections between Base-configuration Camera Link cameras and PCs.

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A powerful rugged EMCCD camera offering advanced features and adaptable to many applications

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