Southland On Your Lot Home Builders: How to Build on a Budget

Can you have a custom home built on your land and still save money? Find out how to build on a budget from Southland's on your lot builders in GA.
Jan. 17, 2014 - PRLog -- Southland On Your Lot Home Builders: How to Build on a Budget

When it comes to hiring on your lot home builders in GA for designing and building a custom new home, the purchaser's budget is usually the defining factor in the type, size, and location of their new home. And in today's economy, the homeowner's budget plays an even greater role. But, what most homeowners do not realize is that there are still ways they can save money on their new home without compromising quality and craftsmanship.

Learn Construction Basics and Get Estimates Early

One of the most effective ways to help ensure your home's construction sticks to your budget is to first gain a little understanding of the home building process, including the cost of materials and the actual steps that go into designing and building a custom home. Once you have a basic understanding of the process, you'll be ready to start getting estimates. Being armed with your new-found knowledge, you'll be better able to make the decisions necessary for modifying your plans to suit your budget.

Be Wary of "Too-Good-To-Be-True" Real Estate Deals

Sometimes when a real estate deal is too good to be true, it usually is. Cheap land is often wrought with problems (like subterranean rock, drainage issues, or dense tree-lines) that can make building on it a real headache and a costly experience for the purchaser. Sure, that isolated valley would make a great setting for your dream home, but can you afford the cost of installing public utilities? If you want to keep costs down, stick with properties in locations that already have access to public utilities like electricity, gas, and water lines.

Keep Your Home's Design as Simple as Possible

On-your-lot home builders in GA usually offer a number of different standard floor plans that can be customized any number of ways. By listening to your designer's advice and suggestions, you can keep your costs down. Avoid outlandish design concepts like complicated roof lines and building shapes. For the highest quality home at the best price, it is best to keep your design simple and straightforward.

Build Small and Tall

Rather than opting for a one-story building that sprawls out over your land, instead choose to build a smaller, taller home and you'll get just as much living space for less money. Of course, not everybody will want to live in a two- or three-story home, and in some cases, the initial cost of the home can be higher due to special equipment being required, so before you choose to build small and tall, you should compare and price out all of the variables with your builder.

Opt for Recycled Materials Where Available

In today's home building industry, the term, "recycled," is hot. There is a growing movement of buyers wanting to minimize their carbon footprints and recycled building materials not only allow them to do that, but they can also be priced significantly less. Ask your builder about recycled or eco-friendly materials and see how being environmentally responsible can help protect your budget.

Ensure That Your Design Offers a Maximum of Livable Space

In order to get the most home for the money, you have to ensure that your home's design offers a maximum of livable space and not empty space, which can include the garage, closets, attics, and other non-livable parts of the home. In other words, find out how much square footage is actually available for living in so you know you're getting the most value and the most home for your budget.

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