Proof Management Looks To Expand Even Further in 2014, Seeking New Hires

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI - With the close of 2013 comes the highly anticipated New Year for Proof Management. Proof Management are actively preparing for 2014 and anticipates expanding to new geographical regions after 2013’s success.
FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. - Jan. 14, 2014 - PRLog -- Originally starting out in the Minneapolis market and then relocating to Detroit, Michigan, Proof Management then made their way to offices around 15 cities thanks to leadership provided by Lindsay, the company’s owner. As 2014 shapes up to be even busier still, the team is searching for a new talented individuals, ready to join a force that will provide them with knowledge and a great career that will provide lifelong benefits.

Having already expanded to 15 cities across the country, Proof Management is seeking to expand even further in 2014, to capitalize on the momentum of their approach and the brands they represent. A spokesperson for the company recently stated, “Our 15 offices across the country have proved that we have a working model, and we need to expand to other cities across the US where consumer industries are thriving. While creating these opportunities, we are also seeking individuals that strive to learn more about our direct marketing strategy, while creating unique and effective campaigns that cater to the targeted demographics of our clients.”

Because of the high demand for direct marketing services in various cities, Proof Management’s brand ambassadors have been working hard to push the envelope and many have received well-deserved promotions to take on new roles and create even better campaigns. Through hard work comes great reward, as leadership conference invitations are given only to the top performers from Proof Management’s company. Many of the firm’s team members received these invites and participated as distinguished leaders.

Through these conferences and other events such as Keys To Success Meetings, hardworking team members will learn to collaborate in new ways at Proof Management, and learn leadership techniques to inspire them on their entrepreneurship journey. These Keys To Success Meetings are held in exclusive hotels with a great atmosphere to allow the creative juices to flow. Typically, these meetings last for a full day, packed with guest speakers, seminars and training sessions, to develop the talent of the best individuals.

On top of the Keys To Success Meetings, top performers from Proof Management head to the Top Leader’s Meeting. In 2013, high-performing team members were sent to Dallas, Texas to learn from the best and study consumer trends while utilizing current and new tools to reach even more consumers.  These types of career training opportunities are invaluable for driven individuals looking for ways to advance their professional goals.

Proof Management and the Effect of Giving Back

Proof Management constantly searches for ways to boost team morale, and to secure their reputation in the communities they serve. The company is a supporter of giving back to the community, and the team members agree that striving to give back is very important to maintaining a socially conscious, highly motivated team. Giving back to the community also allows the team members to strive to be their best, and helps maintain morale in the office, for when collaborations and marketing strategies are planned and discussed.

One of the leading performers at Proof Management stated, “The main reason I love Proof Management is because of how caring and passionate the rest of the team are. We thrive off of each other’s personalities and vibes. This helps us collaborate on different types of marketing campaigns. It also helps us reach different types of consumers in a way that speaks to them, so we can continue to deliver value for our clients through each and every campaign.”

While Proof Management consistently gives back to the community, they are also hiring other talented and creative individuals, due to the surge in their geographical expansion. Proof Management’s CEO is in search of hardworking, determined and driven individuals who wish to succeed in a career of entrepreneurship and an individual that can succeed in accomplishing shared goals with other individuals of similar drive.

Working with a group of diverse individuals that share a common goal is what Proof Management thrives upon. This is one of Proof Management’s many strengths. The in-person promotions firm has an incredible team that pushes hard to exceed their client’s expectations. However, this is all done by a company rewards system that works hand in hand with ideas and projects.

To collaborate in this type of innovative environment, company retreats are a regular feature, where ideas and activities are fostered for the team in order to successfully plan campaigns and target consumers going forward. Instead of having a strict office or workplace environment, a comfortable environment with other creative individuals allows ideas to flow and a sense of comfort and relaxation to help develop team bonds and relationships.

One such retreat was the recent Owner’s Weekend Retreat Trip. In 2013, the Owner’s Retreat took place in island paradise Montego Bay, Jamaica. The excursion spanned two days, and team members were given plenty of relaxation time at a luxury resort with a state of the art water park and private beach for the ultimate getaway and for maximum collaboration time. Most meals were also included, as well as casual training time, and team bonding activities. Space was limited so only the top performers from Proof Management were sent.. In 2014, the Owner’s Retreat will also take place in a tropical location, so the team can look forward to getting away if they can deliver the best level of performance during the year to come.

About Proof Management

Proof Management is a frontrunner of in-person promotions providing campaigns and direct marketing services to a variety of industries including domestic cleaning, entertainment market, automotive care and many others. Proof Management has a team of hard-working brand ambassadors who specialize in representing brands to consumers and developing sincere rapport with the public to make sure their clients reach their targeted demographic.

Proof Management operates out of Farmington Hills, Michigan and is run by a team of extremely experienced professionals. With success stories increasing in large numbers, Proof Management is currently working with some of the nation’s leading consumer brands in electronics, food, personal care and more. Because of their many offices all over the country, the demand for highly driven individuals is at an all time high.

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